Bornholm – a Pearl Amongst Pearls

Bornholm – a Pearl Amongst Pearls

The Museum of Art in Rø

On the Danish island Bornholm art and nature go hand in hand to greet you all year round. Bornholm also known as the Sunny Island as the people who live on Bornholm experience more sunny days than the rest of Denmark. If you want to make the most of your trip to the island I recommend you invest in a guided tour.

I would love to show you what to experience which could be on a guided tour from Gudhjem for instance along the coast to a beautiful white building, the Museum of Art in Rø, with a tower and a ridge made of glass. I recommend that we follow the cobbled driveway where we can let ourselves indulge in the outdoor exhibition. Once we have parked our bicycles or cars in front of Bornholms Kunstmuseum, the Bornholm Museum of Art, you must decide whether the next experience is to be the art within the museum or art under the blue sky which merges with the beauty of nature. Which do you prefer? The choice is yours and both sights are full of beauty. Our senses will experience the utmost stimulus either from the beautiful art or the provokation, while I supplement with stories about both the building, the nature and the art that we see.

Indulge in the Beauty of Art and Nature Merging in One Museum

The Museum of Art in Rø is built on top of a natural spring which has been designed to springs from the museum’s beautifully designed floor. If you want to experience “Art on walls and nature from within” my presentation will be about the exhibition whereupon we will follow the spring down the stairs to more rooms of art. Once we reach the bottom of the stairs it is a must to turn around to look up the stairs at the well-balanced room allowing us a magnificent glance through the glass ceiling towards the sky. A spectacular view. We continue following the stream on its adventure and reach two glass doors. We open the doors and walk on to a narrow bridge built for pedestrians, high above the wild untrimmed nature with Bornholm’s cliffs and rocks below.

At the end of the bridge we find a platform with a roof where we can sit down and rest while I tell you about the east coast of Bornholm. While you listen I hope you will let yourself be seduced by the beautiful nature that surrounds us. Buzzing and reflective we head back inside and continue at our individual pace to enjoy and explore the remainder of the art from the past and the present pointing into the future.

The Art of Moving Through the Beauty of Nature

If you choose “Art merging with the beauty of Nature”, we will walk outside, along the walls of the museum while I make sure we stop by the wonderful sculptures located on the sunny side of the museum and I will give you the specific story for each sculpture. The sculptures are put up for everyone to enjoy and they are created by prominent artists whose work and background I look forward to unveil to you.

Once you are familiar with the sculptures I will lead a walk through wild nature, past a lake, rocks and cliffs to the rescue path that follows the coastline. We will walk on the rescue path and follow its bends and turns till we stand on the top of Helligdomsklipperne, which translates into the Sanctuary Cliffs. Surrounded by tall trees standing high above the Baltic Sea you have an infinite view of the sea.

While we view the Baltic Sea from the top of the Sanctuary Cliffs I will explain about the east coast of Bornholm while hopefully you will let yourself be engulfed by the beautiful nature that surrounds us. With lots of beautiful views, good stories and a day full of beautiful nature I lead our walk down the stairs in the cliffs in the crevice on the northern side of the steep cliff. As we walk down the stairs, we approach a rocky beach, laying deeply within the crevice, where we can immerse our hands in the ocean before we slowly make our way back up from ledge to ledge. We retrace our steps, back up the stairs, after experiencing a lovely and beautiful day surrounded by the amazing nature here on Bornholm. A day to remember.

Bornholm offers a remarkable richness with so much ready for you to discover. Take a look at some of the guided tours on Bornholm. You might feel tempted for more experiences on the island which is also known to be the Sunny Island of Denmark. My lovely island.

Photo license: Henrik Bennetsen, Bornholms Kunstmuseum, CC BY-SA 2.0

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