Guide at Egeskov, Magnus


Guide at Egeskov, Magnus
  • Year of birth 1995
  • Name Magnus
  • Language
  • I am interested in Geology, flora and fauna, kayaking glaciology, animal life and cultural history.
  • Educational background BA. Outdoors education
  • 1st hour 1.220 DKK
  • Every commenced hour thereafter 400 DKK
  • Booking minimum hours 1
  • Guide's transport costs to be covered from postal code DK-Egeskov
  • Transport coverage, guide, public transport Yes

About me

Experience Egeskov with a newcomers eyes.

I have just recently moved to Funen myself, and has therefore started to look for all the treasures one can find on wonderfull Funen.

I love to be in dialogue with my guests and meet you where you are. My tours are never identical because of this, as I try to suit each individual tour to the people who are with me on the given day.

When I think of Funen, my thoughts intantly brings me back to my childhood, where I visited Egeskov - filled with happy memories.

Now in my grown up life, I think it's amazing to come back to a peacefull place such as Egeskov, which offers incredibe diversity with something for everyone to do.
It is possible to release the inner child in the forest or the labyrinth; or perhaps exploring the beautiful castle or visit one of the interesting museums which have lots to offer.

I think it's absolutely fantastic that there are still places left in Denmark which offers so much history, culture and nature and actually manages to make it all come to life.
I will do my best to share my love for the place and give you a nice day filled with good experiences.

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