Benefits for you as a guide

It is a benefit for guides as well as tour managers to be part of a booking agency.

Are you self-employed or are you only a few colleagues working together? The advantage for you will be to spend more time guiding clients and less time in administration. If this appeals to you it will be a huge advantage to let your bookings go via Guide Service Denmark, so that you can benefit from a rational process in a booking agency.

We have your back and we are always available in the office. We are here for your customers as well as for you. We provide customer service while you are on tour with guests. You don't have to pay for or keep a website updated. You don't have to respond to phone calls, send invoices or do all the other administrative tasks that take up so much of your time. Being part of a nationwide booking agency, you can concentrate on what you do best – guiding and telling the good stories to happy guests.

If you also want to be part of Guide Service Danmark, apply today, call us tomorrow, agree to meet - and we're almost there.

You can read more about your benefits and how to advertise with Guide Service Denmark in the fields below.

  • Check out your benefits
    This is what you get Your benefits
    Joint advertising - at no cost Well-placed website - you do not have to worry about SEO, advertising, outreach sales, etc.
    Additional advertising Potentially more assignments. If you want, you can also keep your personal website
    An office working 24/7 No administration, invoicing, etc. We do it for you and clients get quick answers
    Good colleagues throughout the country All your colleagues in Guide Service Denmark are professional and carefully selected
    Automated and well-functioning booking system We work around the clock for you - even while you sleep
    You decide on your fee yourself. You only pay commission for the assignments you yourself have agreed to Make sure that your income exceeds your expenses
    Our bookkeeper handles all payments and your fees Skip invoicing and ensuring customers remember to pay
    You can take part in our joint group insurance Taking out insurance yourself is expensive and not always possible
    Benefit from our contacts in the industry and our recognition More potential bookings because colleagues elsewhere in the country have provided a good service - together we stay stronger
    You can offer all the tours you are passionate about, you can create new ones and you can sign up with tours that are pre-described You avoid being disqualified because you stand alone or lack backup for large assignments. It benefits everyone that more guides are capabele guiding each tour. It ensures security making the booking = more assignments for everyone and customers will be comfortable to make bookings for large groups
    Get assignments offered automatically if a colleague decline Potentially more assignments, without you having to do any outreaching
    As soon as you have opened you profile you get access to our assignments You only accept assignments you are comfortable guiding and want to do - you can always decline assignments
    If you want to enjoy a coffee or a chat - come visit us in the office. We are always happy to assist you and of course we have an emergency number for when you are out guiding We are are your backup 24/7 any time you need help or want assistance. You can also work in the office if you need to. We have lots of non-fiction for common use and inspiration
    At least once a year, we invite you to a joint inspirational day and to meet your colleagues Meet colleagues from all over the country, inspire each other and learn from each other. Together we also create new products
    If you represent a guide association, contact the office - we are always open to establish more good collaborations The association will no longer struggle with administration. Benefits from a booking office and booking system that works 24/7
    We can handle all your bookings if you want to transfer customers to us If we handle 100% of your regular customers' bookings, you get a bonus at the end of the first 2 calendar years
  • Advertise with Guide Service Denmark

    Being a guide or association you only want to advertise on Guide Service Denmark's site - without taking part in the above benefits

    If you have a documented turnover of a total of DKK 98,000 in the last 3 calendar years, your company can advertise your service on our booking platform under your own name If your turnover is less, you can still become part of our corps of guides, cf. above
    Rate for this is DKK 3,000/year + VAT
    Guide assignments are advertised and booked at the rate you set, plus commission and fees for Guide Service Denmark.
    You cannot advertise identical tours elsewhere at a lower rate than advertised with Guide Service Denmark
    Guide Service Denmark handles your whole administration the same way we do for all guides
    With this solution, you will not be offered assignments that other guides have declined
    If you represent a guide association, contact the office - we are always open to establish more good collaborations The association will no longer struggle with administration. Benefits from a booking office and booking system that works 24/7