Privacy Policy

We comply with the EU legislation on the handling of sensitive personal data and more.

All inquiries from clients, applicants and more are stored in our internal e-mail system, so that we can always find and respond to inquiries. We store for as long as it makes sense to store the information in order to be able to contact the person. 

Anyone who has been in contact with us by e-mail can request that all data be removed from the index at any time. In that case, we only keep legally required material in relation to Danish legislation, for example in relation to SKAT - tax.

Information is shared with public authorities who make demands for this, intermediaries' contact information (address and telephone number) is only shared with customers via booking confirmations for completed assignments.

Necessary contact information is stored on customers: e-mail address, telephone, physical address, business registration number if provided.

Necessary personal information is stored on freelancers (address, name, telephone number, experience and education). When deemed necessary, the advertiser's date of birth is passed on to the customer.

Stored information can be accessed by the holder, permanent employees and the bookkeeper at Guide Service Denmark. CPR and bank details can be accessed by the owner and bookkeeper as well as the person himself. Freelancers thus only have access to their own information in our index.

We have a data processing agreement with our IT supplier, Danish CoMaSys, and financial system supplier.


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Questions regarding data handling should be addressed to the office, Guide Service Denmark

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