Our Definitions of Types of Guides

There are several different kinds of guides. Here you will find the definitions we use at Guide Service Denmark..

Guides in Denmark

A guide meets a group for a shorter period of time, shows a defined area, geographical area. Typically guided tours in cities or towns, coach tours, by bike or even in a kayak or canoe . You can also book guides for museums.

In Denmark our guides work with Danish as well as foreign guests. Our guides speak many languages – hopefully also the languages you request. We'll always make an effort to expand with guides who speak the languages you request.

  • A guide has extensive general knowledge for example about local history, art or culture and knows his local area extremely well. A guide may also specialize in guiding at a particular museum
  • A professionally based guide is a specialist who has professional training that supplements the guide training. A professionally based guide can e.g. be a historian, a biologist, a nature guide...
  • Diploma guide is educated at Roskilde University, a 1-year guide training course.

Guides are paid by the hour. Some guides want a fee according to the number of participants. You can see whom on each guide's profile.

Danish speaking guides abroad

If you are going on a trip abroad, we can provide Danish speaking guides who live in the country.

In some countries a national guide authorization is mandatory. Therefore some of our guides state that they must bring an additional authorized guide - the Danish guide will translate into Danish.

Guiding tour managers

A tour manager acts as a traveling guide who follows and stays with the group over a period of several days. The tour manager usually accompany you from pick-up to the end of the trip.

A guiding tour manager knows the country and the places that you visit and is there to help guests - within reasonable limits. A tour manager is not an expert in every little detail, but has all-round knowledge of the country. A tour manager is there for the group and, as far as possible, for the individual participant in the group.

A tour manager is paid by the day.