Tour Managers - Jobs

As tour managers, you can live either in Denmark or abroad. Danish speakers can work for us around the world. Non-Danish speakers work for us in Denmark and Scandinavia.

Tour managers at Guide Service Denmark work as freelance guiding tour managers in the countries you know so well that in principle you are able to accompany a group with just 2 days notice and still give the group a good experience when you share your knowledge. 

Guiding tour managers

We work with tour guides who have solid knowledge and are familiar with the country's history, culture, present and past, nature and social conditions. All the topics that we as humans would like to know when we go travelling with a tour guide.

Our guiding tour managers work mostly in Europe. We are a booking agency exclusively. We do not sell travels. We get assignments from the travel agencies and tour operators and we work with a huge palette of agencies in Denmark as well as abroad. This is why we need a large number of guiding tour managers so that we can meet requests from the agencies at all times.

Assignments keep coming in

When we book you for a guiding tour manager job in Guide Service Denmark, you will often be notified well in advance and with plenty of time for preparation. At other times there is only a short notice. Therefore you must be able to give the group a good experience when you accept assignments with a short notice.

If you know only certain areas of the country that's absolutely fine. We know that we all have limitations. It is important, however, that we are honest about it.

We have assignments all over the world. Therefore, guiding tour managers everywhere in the world are interesting to us.

We would like to know about your experiences and skills that are relevant for assignments as a guiding tour manager.

We accept applications via the form only.