City walk

If you want to get to know a city and its history and story a guided city walk is ideal. You walk a pace that suits you and a city walk can be adapted to all types of groups, small or large, young, adults and seniors. We tailor our city walks and promise to find the number of guides needed.

What is a city walk

On city walks you experience the city by foot. In a pace where everyone can participate.

It goes without saying that there are limits to how far you get around on a city walk. It doesn't really matter. For a good guide, there is something to tell everywhere on a city walk, short or long.

A city walk can be with a specific theme or be "just" about the city's history. Though "just" is definitely a wrong expression. When you are interested in a city's history, there are stories everywhere to be revealed by good and dedicated guides. Stories about buildings, about architecture, about people and not least special events.

A city walk is not only about the past but also about the present. What's happening in the city or the town right now? Why does the city develop the way it does?

When is a city walk the right choice

Actually we believe the best answer to be: When you want to get to know a city and its secrets and beautiful places better. When you are accompanied by a guide you can also ask questions. Early in the process you can point the narative in the direction to what interests you the most and thereby decide what the city walk and thus the stories will be about.

We experience many varieties of group activities where a city walk is a fine choice. Here are some examples of groups that have found a city walk the right choice for their guests:

  • tourists who want to explore the city - groups from 1 to several 100 participants. We adjust the number of guides according to the size of the group
  • families and friends on holiday in a big city - a good introduction to the city and the following activities
  • a function added a cultural element. We have booked city walks for birthdays, anniversaries, confirmations, Christmas and company outings

How long does a city walk last

You decide on duration as well as distance for your city walk. We organize city walks from 1 hour and up. Preferably not for too long, because few people like to follow on the heels of a guide for many hours. 1-3 hours is fine. If you want a longer city walk, we advice to add a lunch or a coffee break. Let everyone rest their legs. Liquid-regulating stops are important - liquid going in as well as out. Therefore, remember your breaks.

We are happy to say join us for a city walk. Visit Danish cities on city walks with Guide Service Denmark and our dedicated guides.