Bike tour with a guide

Going by bike is a very Danish thing. By tradition we transport ourselves by bicycle on an everyday basis throughout life. The bike is also ideal for a holiday or if you want to experience a bit more of the city than just the very central core. If we want to go out into the countryside, it's great with the free exercise provided by the bike. Furthermore to feel the wind in our hair and to enjoy all the scents that greet us without any filtres.

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A bike tour - why

By tradition we transport ourselves by bicycle in Denmark. We start our biking tradition when we as children get our first walking bike. The next bike comes with support wheels and later the two-wheeled ones follow. As we grow, so does the bikes and the distance we can get around increases. Have you noticed how happy small children become when they are allowed to frolic on their walking bikes? The joy of independence is a lifelong feeling of freedom that continues on all the following bike tours.

Holidays on bicycles

Many people are familiar with going on holiday by bicycle. Feeling the wind in your hair, the scents that your nose discovers, the ability to stop or take a break right where you want. This is the essence of a cycling holiday. When several generations are going together, it also ensures that everyone is equally tired at the end of the day.

A cycling holiday is good exercise as well as a great way to experience Denmark. If you want to know more about the area you are enjoying on your cycling holiday, we recommend you let a local guide come along to reveal all the good stories as you experience Denmark together.

Experience the city by bike

Do you want to experience a city without facing the challenge of parking a car? Then the bicycle will be the perfect means of transport. On the bike you can get almost anywhere and often make shortcuts. If you let a local guide accompany you, the guide knows the cycle paths, shortcuts and best cycle routes.

In Copenhagen, the guide can lead the way and show you the new super cycle path and relevant detours. Together with your guide, you can also go by bike to Kalveboderne on a tour gathering herbs. Or you can experience Sydhavnen with all the exciting contrasts. If you're more focused on enjoying the inner city, the bike is an obvious mean of transport. Fortunately there are many great cycle paths so it's very easy to get around. The guide leads the way and knows where to guide you.

You can also go on a guided bike tour in Odense, where a tour through the history of the city's liberation is a good choice. It is all about the end of the World War II in Odense and the guide knows where history unfolded. It is a story of sadness and joy. Odense aims to be Denmark's No. 1 cycling city and calls itself the City of Cyclists. The city also has a really nice information page about Cyklisternes by Odense. Unfortunately it is in Danish only. Google may reveal itself being your friend if you want to know more about Odense Cycling City.

From Odense, it is also an obvious choice to go by bike along some of the wonderful cycle paths and let the guide take you to places such as Langesø and Kerteminde or somewhere else entirely. There are many good cycling experiences on Funen, the island that would like to be Denmark's, and even the world's, best cycling island.

By bike in nature

It is so obvious to experience the Danish nature by bicycle. You can cycle in many places. The cycling island of Funen, the beautiful nature around Vejle and lovely Zealand and Lolland-Falster. The options are numerous - even more than you can see in our list of guided bike tours. If you would like a guide, get in touch and we will find you a guide.

We are happy to say visit Denmark by bike with Guide Service Denmark and our bicycle guides.