Museums, Manor Houses, Castles or Churches

Do you know the feeling of going through an exhibition without quite knowing what you to get out of the experience? A guided tour can enhance the experience. Hear the stories of some of the objects and afterwards experience the rest on your own. Take home with you a good experience and new and surpricing knowledge.

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Museum visit - yes or no

Of course it's a yes. If just you hear the stories of what you experience at the museum, you will make sure it is a good experience. A tour of a museum is therefore a really good idea.

A visit to a museum is a good experience both with and without a guide. Let's be honest: how many museums have you visited with the lack of knowledge and afterwards not been quite sure your expectations were met?

If you let a guide talk about what's displayed, the experience just gets that much better. This is when you go home with new funny or quirky stories. You might even go home with inspiration to learn or read more yourself. If you agree to this the curator will surely be happy. Who doesn't want to infect others with their own love of a theme or subject?

One of the museums our guides love to guide is CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark. If you let one of our CLAY guides tell you about the exhibitions, you will be able to hear stories about the history of Danish porcelain, beautiful Danish ceramics and not least, you will experience surpricing and interesting architecture. At CLAY has something for everyone - those who are passionate about ceramics and those who prefer views and architecture.

Other lovely museums where our guides like guiding are Den Gamle By, the Old Town in Aarhus, Den Fynske Landsby, the Open-Air Museum the Funen Village in Odense, Trelleborg by Slagelse, Fyrkat by Hobro and many more.

Guided tours in Danish Castles

There are many beautiful castles around Denmark, most in Copenhagen and in North Zealand - but far from all of them are on Zealand.

You cannot enter the castles where the royal family lives as they are private houses. But you can see many of the other castles. Our royal castles are hundreds of years old.

In Copenhagen, you can visit Rosenborg Castle, where the crown jewels are on display. Rosenborg Castle, built by King Christian IV, is a beautiful building with great interior. However, it has been many, many years since the castle has been used as a royal residence. The last time was when the English attacked Copenhagen in 1801. Today, Rosenborg Castle is one of the castles in the Royal Danish Collection. The Royal Danish Collection consists of Rosenborg Castle and the Amalienborg Museum in Christian VIII's Palace in Copenhagen and Koldinghus in Kolding.

Other castles where our guides also love telling the stories and guide you are Frederiksborg Castle, Fredensborg Castle, Kronborg or Sønderborg Castle to name just a few.

Manor Houses

At many of Denmark's beautiful manor houses, you can get a guided tour and experience the history of the place up close.

Denmark has numerous beautiful manor houses spread around the country both in Jutland, Zealand and Funen.

Funen is probably the region in Denmark with the most manor houses. It is said that the credit rating is high. This means that the soil on Funen is particularly fertile and suitable for growing crops. Back in the days, this meant that each manor house on Funen could manage with fewer hectares than manor houses elsewhere in Denmark. Quite simply he yield on the ground was higher.

One of the manor houses that each year get the most visitors and guests is Egeskov Castle on South Funen. We are happy to have a dedicated corps of guides who love to reveal Egeskov's fascinating stories. If you want to experience Egeskov Castle with a committed and dedicated guide, you can either opt to see the castle, the exhibitions and the garden or all of them. Choose the part or parts that interest you the most and enjoy your guided tour. If you are responsible for a group's day at Egeskov, we know a tour of Egeskov Castle is a really good activity for groups.

Denmark's lovely churches

Experiencing a church and hearing its stories from a guide give insight into both history, culture and the faith on which the Danish society is based. Fortunately, Denmark is a diverse society and therefore we make room for many faiths, each with its own church buildings. Of course, we can neither name nor show you them all, but we are happy to show you some of the beautiful churches in Denmark according to your choice.

A guided tour in one of our lovely churches be a story about the building, the tombstones or the symbols of faith. The stories vary depending on which church or cathedral you'd like to visit.

Some of the beautiful churches our guides'd like to show you are Roskilde Cathedral, where many Danish royals are buried. Another is Odense Cathedral with a beautiful altar made by Claus Berg, the woodcarver that Queen Christine brought to Denmark so that he could make her a unique altar for Gråbrødre Klosterkirke, the Greyfriars Monastery church in Odense. Only much later did the altar appear in Odense Cathedral. Let the guide tell you the story of this beautiful altar and the incredible number of beautiful wooden figures, all of them different.

We are happy to invite you on a guided tour of a museum, a manor house, a castle or a church with Guide Service Denmark and one of our dedicated guides.