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Jutland - guided tours

You have lots of suggestions for great places and cities to choose from when you want a guided tour in Jutland. Aarhus, the largest city in Jutland, is an obvious city for you to visit, as well as many other interesting towns in Jutland. We are happy to provide suggestions for guided tours throughout Jutland. If you have a special request that is not already here, please write us. We can tailor a guided tour for you and your group and find just the right guide for it too.

Jutland is the land of the Jutes, the peninsula north of Germany, as some would say. Here the first stories start. From south to north, from Padborg to Skagen is 337 km, the longest distance you can drive in Denmark unless you drive in a circle. On a holiday in Denmark, there is so much to see, do and explore in Jutland.

A guided tour in Jutland

There are so many options for a guided tour around Jutland. Whether it's to a sight, a city, a museum or a refreshing and beautiful guided tour in nature, it's up to you. Of course you'll start by deciding whether you want to go on a city walk, a bike ride or you want to go in a canoe or kayak. The next decision will be whether you want to go on your own or let a good guide enlighten you with all the relevant stories for where you visit. If you're organising a tour on behalf of a group, a guided coach tour might be what you want. Of course, you need to have an idea of what you want your guide to talk about. Be it about nature and the impact the various Ice Ages have had on Jutland, be it modern or older architecture, a young or an old town - the options are numerous. No matter where you want to visit in Jutland, Guideservice Denmark is where you can find your guide.

We've asked our guides to give you some of their best suggestions for guided tours in Jutland, for you to have some inspiration for when you are planning you next group's visit to Jutland. Guided tours are a great activity for groups as each participant can just listen and take in what they like. If you have a special request for a guided tour, please let us know so we can tailor your tour. We set no limits, we want to show you many options. More options and suggestions are coming. Let us know what you want and we'll help tailor a perfect guided tour for you.

Guided city tours in Jutland

A guided city walk in one of the many interesting Jutlandic cities can be either an experience with historical perspective or focus on the modern way of life - or both. Jutland is home to some of the oldest and youngest towns in Denmark.

If you go on a city walk in Aarhus or Ribe, there is plenty of history to tell, including the history of the Vikings. Ribe and Aarhus are some of the oldest cities in Jutland. If you choose a city walk in Vejle or Kolding, there are different stories to tell. Vejle, for instance has a reputation of being one of Denmark's best shopping towns and Kolding is an old royal borough with the fascinating history of Koldinghus, the royal castle in Kolding. Go on a guided tour with one of our local guides and you'll be rewarded with a great experience.

The two towns where we have most guided tours to choose from are Aarhus and Vejle. We have made you a comprehensive overview of options for a guided tour in Vejle and in Aarhus to facilitate your overview. It's also possible to chose all of Jutland.

Southern- and South of Jutland - guided tours

In Danish the south of Jutland has two names. South of the river Kongeåen we have Sønderjylland, Southern Jutland. North of the river Sydjylland, South of Jutland. Through history this has been significant, but for most tourists it is not important information. That is until you actually visit the area, then you'll understand.

In Jutland you'll find your first experience right down by the Danish-German border with guided tours in the towns of Tønder, Møgeltønder and Haderslev to name a few. Historic and idyllic towns with old town centres, lots of small, quirky, typical Danish houses, crooked latticework and cobbled streets. In Southern Jutland you can feel the history come alive and see how the Occupation in 1940 and the fight to remain Danish still affects the lives of the people living in this area. The wings of war history is deeply felt at Dybbøl and the core of being Danish has its rising on Skamlingsbanken. Let your guide unfold the stories both places and you'll understand.

On the west coast of Jutland, a guided tour along the coast of the Wadden Sea is a must. Here you can experience the Black Sun in the autumn when all the starlings gather to migrate south, you can gather oysters, search for amber and, not least, experience the history and rugged nature of the dikes and the power of the sea.

The river Kongeåen runs though the centre of the old market town Ribe in Southern Jutland. Ribe is full of Viking history. Just a short distance north of Ribe is Esbjerg, located in South Jutland, and it is perhaps the youngest town in Denmark. Esbjerg's history begins when Denmark had to cede its southernmost port to the west in 1864. The border with Germany was moved north to Kongeåen and a new port had to be created. It became Esbjerg, which for many years has been best known for its fishing and ferry port. Today Esbjerg focus mostly on offshore and energy.

A little further inland from Esbjerg is Billund, home to the amusement park Legoland, known all over the world. There is also LEGO House and not least Billund airport, which is a growing airport. The story of the airport, LEGO and the town that has grown together with the factory is kind of a fairy tale in itself.

A guided tour in the Heart of Jutland

Close to Billund you'll find The Heart of Jutland, in Danish Trekantsområdet, with Fredericia, Vejle and Kolding. In Kolding you can experience Koldinghus, Trapholt and nature by the beautiful Kolding Fiord. Just south of Kolding you have Christiansfeld, the town founded by the Moravian Church. Christiansfeld is on UNESCO's World Heritage list. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a huge recognition.

North of Kolding is Vejle, known by many for its cozy pedestrian street. Vejle is one of the Jutland towns that has major challenges with floods and the river, and Vejle Municipality is the only one in Denmark that is part of the global network 100 Resilient Cities established by The Rockefeller Foundation. Vejle is beautifully located by the Vejle Fiord, which has inspired new spectacular architecture such as Fjordenhus and Bølgen, the Wave.

Close to Vejle is Jelling with the runestones of King Gorm and Queen Thyra. The runestone that King Harald Bluetooth raised for his parents and which we regard as Denmark's baptismal certificate. And right there, the wonderful museum Kongernes Jelling, Royal Jelling, is also located.

The last leg in the Heart of Jutland is Fredericia, the Jutland fortress town that was supposed to protect Funen and Zealand against attacks from the west.

Guided tours in East-, Mid- or West of Jutland

The Heart of Jutland naturally leads on to East Jutland, where Aarhus is the largest city, Denmark's second largest. Our many guides in Aarhus offer you guided walking city tours and can talk about Aarhus and its surroundings on guided bike tours.

To the very east on the tip of Jutland, lies the scenic Mols and the charming harbor town of Ebeltoft. Here it would be obvious with a guided walk in nature or a pleasant guided walk in the old town, which houses both the historic ship Fregatten Jylland and the Glass Museum Ebeltoft.

Looking further west inland, Randers is a good place for your next stop. Randers is also an exciting historical town in scenic surroundings.

In Central Jutland you find Herning, Denmark's textile town with the intense story of how a small village developed into Denmark's textile centre. Today, Herning also attracts many artists and it is quite possible that Ferie for Alle, Denmark's large travel fair, automatically makes many people think of Herning.

On the west coast of Jutland, the sea sets the agenda. In many places you can experience how great forces are hidden in the North Sea and how powerful nature is. Those who live by the North Sea know the power of the sea. One place you can experience this is at Thyborøn.

North Jutland - guided tours

The largest city in North Jutland is Aalborg with its lovely small streets with cobbled stones and the large industrial port and the old Aalborg Shipyard. Aalborg is known, among other things, for its many murals. With the murals as a theme, you can join our guide on a Story Trail in central Aalborg.

Himmerland is a veritable treasure trove of stories with and about Vikings. At Hobro you have Fyrkat, an old ring fort from the time of Harald Bluetooth. In Vesthimmerland, close to Aars, is another of Harald Bluetooth's Viking forts, Borremosefestningen. How about a walk in the forest, at Rebild Bakker, where Rold forest is located, and where you can hear the good stories about Rold robbers.

As you can see, Jutland has a lot to offer. With a local guide from Guide Service Denmark, you get the full benefit when you want to experience beautiful Jutland.

We are happy to say visit Jutland with Guide Service Denmark and our guide service Jutland.