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In Vejle, we work closely with VisitVejle, who are experts in the area and who would also like to help you.

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Vejle - guided tours

There are plenty of sights in and around Vejle, and our guides have created a number of options for you for guided tours in Vejle.

Vejle is part of the destination called Heart of Jutland, a destination that covers the entire area called Trekantsområdet. We are happy to contribute to the options the destination have on offer.

Jelling - a guided tour

A guided tour in Jelling is a trip back in time and history. Jelling is home to the Jelling Stone, which is said to be Denmark's baptismal certificate and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In fact, there are two runic stones that Harald Bluetooth raised to remember his parents King Gorm the Old and Queen Thyra. Here, Denmark is described for the first time as a unified country. Therefore, we consider the stones to be Denmark's baptismal certificate.

Right next to the runic stones is the museum Kongernes Jelling, Royal Jelling, a museum that is part of our National Museum. The museum has a very exciting and modern exhibition that tells history with interactive screens. In Jelling there is an obvious focus on Viking history. Go exploring – first on a guided tour, and then on your own in the museum.

Not far from Jelling you find Bindeballe Købmandsgård, an old grocery shop, the Bronze Age burial place of the Egtved girl, the Ravning bridge, Randbøldal which is a beautiful heath area and there are furthermore many stories of beautiful nature and the Ice Age in the Vejle river valley. You can spend a few or many hours - in either case it will be a pleasure to the eye and will entail entertaining stories.

Vejle guided tours

We have many good options for guided tours in Vejle. Vejle has some of the most beautiful and dramatic nature in Denmark. There are deep valleys, steep hills and the beautiful Vejle Fjord with beautiful beech forests and, not least, relics from the Viking Age. 

How about a guided city tour on the harbor front with the world-famous buildings Bølgen, the Wave, and Fjordenhus. It is modern architecture when it's most impressive and beautiful and to some a challenge to the eyes. Famous within Denmark and also beyond.

A guided tour in Vejle also offers the history of urban development, the Middle Ages or Vejle's status as a city of resilience. Resilience focuses on the power of water and how Vejle can handle the threat from the river and the danger of floodings. Resilience connects Vejle with cities such as Rome and Los Angeles.

If you prefer a more active tour, you can choose a tour by bike, by canoe on the river or kayak on the fiord. The nature around Vejle provides some of the most beautiful Danish nature sights and spots. The beech forest in Vejle is famous for having the first beech that pops in the spring.

You can also go on a food tour or a gastro tour in Vejle. Food tours have become very popular and our guide knows all the best places to visit. Maybe you already know that? Vejle also has a restaurant with a Michelin star. It is something to be proud of. Let your guide lead the way to the local delicacies.

You'll find everything in Vejle

As you can see, guided tours in Vejle can be in the town as well as on the water or in the beautiful countryside and the hills around Vejle. Come along on a tour.

Guide Service Denmark works closely with VisitVejle. You can therefore also get help at the tourist office, where they are very good at helping if you need to know a little more about our options. Of course you can always contact us at the office at Guide Service Denmark – we love dialogues.

Book one of our guides in Vejle to let you in on the history and all the exciting places in and around Vejle.

We are happy to say visit Vejle with Guide Service Denmark and our guide service Vejle.