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Bornholm, called the Sunshine Island, has so much beauty to show you. If you don't already know this lovely Danish rocky island, let yourself be inspired by guided tours so that you can go home loaded with good stories from an unknown spot in the world to tell family and friends.

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Bornholm - guided tours

Our guides on Bornholm provide good suggestions for guided tours on Bornholm. All you have to do is choose which one is right for you and your group.

A guided tour on Bornholm can be about exactly what you find interesting. On Bornholm you find many cozy towns, small and charming fishing villages and beautiful nature. Bornholm's nature is very different from the rest of Denmark and the sea has a huge impact on the life on Bornholm. Join us for a guided tour in one of the picturesque Bornholm towns, a coach tour or a guided walk in nature. Your local guide ensures that you get to see the best places and the must see sights and you can listen to the stories while your eyes absorb everything around you.

Bornholm and the tiny island Christiansø are Denmark's only rocky islands. Bornholm is also called the Sunshine Island. On Bornholm, the nature is very different compared to the rest of Denmark's and there are plenty of good stories to tell about both when it comes to the nature and towns. A guided tour of Sunshine Island Bornholm can be by foot, by bicycle or by coach. Let the guide tell you the stories while you absorb, experience and get to know the island.

How about a guided tour in Nexø, in Hasle or in Gudhjem or in Bornholm's largest town, Rønne. Your local guide can tell you about all the towns on guided tours. We can arrange all kinds of guide services on Bornholm. Let us know what you request and we will do our best to tailor the right guided tour and experience for you.

Myths about Bornholm

There are numerous myths about Bornholm. The Knights Templar were supposed to have hidden a treasure on Bornholm. That is if you believe the film "Treasure of the Knights Templar". Another myth is about Bornholm's round churches being characterized by the architecture of the Knights Templar, that they are placed extremely precisely and in reality are astronomical observatories. Right here fiction by far exceeds facts. There is no documentation at all that the Knights Templar have been to Bornholm - but it is a good story.

The Krølle Bølle troll on Bornholm

Another good story is the one about Krølle Bølle. A little troll boy with only two curls, one on his head and one on his tail. And like so many other trolls he is a bit of a bully. Krølle Bølle belongs to the underground world and the family lives in a troll cave near Hammershus. The thing about trolls, they come out at night. You can experience Krølle Bølle's family, his father Bobbarækus Fillirækus, his mother Bobbasina and his sister Krølle Borra on a midnight visit. If you believe in trolls that is. You can also find him on various souvenirs around Bornholm and in an old children's picture book from 1946. That book is the first proof that Krølle Bølle's exists.

Facts about Bornholm

  • Bornholm has the mildest and sunniest climate in Denmark, which is why you can also find high fig trees on the island
  • there has been a coal mine on Bornholm - Denmark's only proper coal mine
  • prior to the Great War, World War I, Bornholm was an international, fashionable seaside resort with sea side hotels for German tourists
  • Bornholm has a rocky coastline as well as the finest sandy beach at Dueodde
  • in 1658, the people of Bornholm under Jens Kofoed and Poul Ancher, among others, took matters into their own hands, threw out the Swedes and returned to the Kingdom of Denmark. Fortunately, it was quite bloodless. Now you know who the ferries are named after
  • Bornholm is close to 590 square kilometers and has almost 40,000 inhabitants
  • Rønne is Bornholm's largest town. Rønne has almost 14,000 inhabitants
  • Bornholm's round churches are not the only ones in Denmark - but Bornholm has the most and the largest
  • each year approximately 600,000 visitors go to Bornholm, and tourism is therefore an important business
  • there is a lot of beautiful nature on Bornholm. You have probably heard of Paradisbakkerne, the Hills of Eden, with Rokkestenen, the moving stone, Almindingen with Rytterknægten and Ekkodalen, the Ekko valley

In all these places you can get a guided tour to listen to the stories from the guide. Request a guide for a tour in nature or a guided tour in one of the beautiful towns on Bornholm - or even both, so you can learn the most about Bornholm.

There are plenty of options for tours and excursions alone, with your family, friends or a group visit.

We are happy to say visit Bornholm with Guide Service Denmark and our guide service Bornholm.