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There are many beautiful and charming places to visit on Zealand, not least all the beautiful islands along the coast.

Zealand and Islands - guided tours

Zealand and surrounding islands offer a lot. Obviously you have the capital, Copenhagen, full of life and vitality, but then there is so much more to explore such as North Zealand, Royal North Zealand as well as South and West Zealand. Also the islands Lolland-Falster have a lot of good and exciting things going on for them. They hold a good number of sights, great stories, beautiful nature and life is lived at a slightly slower pace once you live away from Copenhagen. 

Our guides provide you with good suggestions for tours throughout Zealand and the surrounding islands. You can find suggestions for guided city walks, walking tours with a guide, guided bicycle and coach tours. You can search for specific cities and towns. You can also let yourself be inspired and perhaps choose to go exploring somewhere you don't know yet.

If you know already that you are going to Copenhagen, we have a good overview of guided tours specifically in Copenhagen. The good thing about going on a guided tour is that you can listen to the good stories about the places and things you see. Guides are great for finding the information you don't yet know you want to know. That is why it is a pleasure to be on a guided tour, where you are almost certain to gain new knowledge.

If you cannot find the guided tour you are looking for, simply reach out to the office at Guide Service Danmark. We are always happy to assist and help you plan and tailor a guided tour that matches your request. Of course we'll also provide you with the right guide for your tailored tour.

Why Zealand and Islands

Zealand and the islands around Zealand offer completely different experiences than Copenhagen and are therefore clearly worth a visit. Copenhagen is perfect for a city break. A holiday in Zealand offers a little more peace and a lot more nature. The pace and the amount of people are also different. There is more space for the individual. And the dialect changes. Hopefully you'll find dialects that reflect where the person comes from charming.

There are so many lovely places around Zealand that you will benefit from with a guided tour whether you go on a bike tour with a guide or on a tour with a guide who loves to share his passion for nature, whether being the Lammefjord , Møns Klint or another of Zealand's nature gems. 

Guided tours - pearls of Zealand

There are far too many gems on Zealand and the surrounding islands for us to mention them all. There are many beautiful manor houses with each their captivating story, there are royal castles and palaces, market towns and surprising nature. Make use of our guide service around Zealand, when you want to go on a guided tour. Let a local guide who knows exactly what is worth knowing tell you and your guests everything. You just listen and enjoy. When a guide knows his area, he can turn your sightseeing into a completely different experience compared to you going on your own. On a guided tour you see and hear the surprising details about the places you visit, and when the guide tells his stories with enthusiasm, he shares his knowledge about what is worth seeing and probably also about what once was. Let the guide stimulate your imagination with the stories and details that will ensure that you experience the place in a new way.

Roskilde - an old cathedral city with a royal story

Roskilde, which lies beautifully at the bottom of Roskilde Fiord, is one of Zealand's beautiful and significant cities. Roskilde has two of the major historical sights outside of Copenhagen.

Roskilde Cathedral, a burial place for Danish kings since the late Middle Ages, is one of them. Today 40 Danish kings are buried in Roskilde Cathedral.

The Viking Ship Museum is a beautiful, popular and exciting museum for children as well as adults. Learn about the Vikings and their beautiful ships.

Roskilde has a beautiful, old town centre with street names that reveal part of the city's history: Brøndgade, Smedegade and Havnegade were the streets of craftsmen and sailors. The street names Sankt Ols Gade, Sankt Ols Stræde, Munkestræde and Sankt Laurentii Gade show that Roskilde has been a very important religious center in the kingdom of Denmark for centuries. There are so many sights in Roskilde that are worth experiencing, many more than the cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum. Go exploring, get the most out of your tour with a good guide to reveal all the stories. There is so much to experience in Roskilde.

Beautiful Zealandic cities, towns and market towns

On Zealand, the market towns are located along the main road, the waterway. Water, deep enough for sailing, provided good opportunities for profitable trade back in the old days. Korsbæk is a beautiful fictional town invented by journalist and author Lise Nørgaard. Korsbæk is a beautiful amalgamation of Korsør and Holbæk and an iconic town for many Danish TV viewers. The fictional Korsbæk is a fine example of what is so typical of Zealand, namely the union of open countryside and old market town. Furthermore, many picturesque harbour environments.

All of Zealand's important towns are located on the coast, except Slagelse, which today lies slightly inland. Slagelse was also situated by the water, back in the days when our ancestors sailed in Viking ships and the river Susåen was far more navigable than nowadays. The Viking fortress Trelleborg near Slagelse is testimony to how far inland you could sail back then.

Odsherred – guided tours

Odsherred in Northwest Zealand has exceptionally beautiful nature. Today it can be difficult to understand how wild it once was, and that the area Lammefjorden 150 years ago started being the national carrot mecca which it is today. The fiord Lammefjord was up to seven meters deep and the locals made a living from fishing, the catch being primarily cod and flatfish. After 1864, Baron Georg Frederik Zytphen-Adeler at Dragsholm took the initiative to win back a little of what was lost externally. In the 1870s, a dam was built and water was pumped out. Today, Odsherred is primarily known in Denmark for the many, tasty vegetables that are grown in Odsherred.

South Zealand and the South Sea Islands

In South Zealand and the South Zealand Islands the contrasts are obvious.

The island Lolland is a flat island. The landscape is characterized by the many dykes where you can cycle and walk on most of them. The dykes must ensure that the island is protected against flooding by another storm.

In addition to the many kilometers of dykes, you'll find many towers, manor houses and estates in the Lolland and Falster countryside compared to the rest of the Denmark. This is partly due to the extremely good agricultural soil on both islands. This is the area of Denmark where farmers cultivate "white gold". "White gold" being sugar beets. Let the tour continue to Stevns and Møn where the high cliffs contrast the dykes on Lolland and Falster. In the cliffs you can find stories dating back to the time of the dinosaurs. The lime in the underground gives the drinking water a slightly different taste. Can you taste the difference? If not maybe you would like to taste the cherry wine produced in Lolland instead? Both the water and the cherry wine are delicious, sweet and mellow.

We are happy to say visit Zealand with Guide Service Denmark and our guide service Zealand.