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Our guides live here. Find a guide in your chosen area and see which tours the guide suggests. You can also let us choose your guide for you. We are happy to assist.

Guide Service Denmark's guides

Find a guide - we've made the process easy for you.

We have a large network of guides that cover all of Denmark. We have met and know all our guides, who each have their very own stories they love to share. All guides give suggestions for tours for you to find the best inspiration. You can always request special or individualized tours. We will find the guide who can solve the tour. If several guides can do the tour, you get to choose who best matches your wishes.

Guides around Denmark

Our guides live in Denmark and can usually guide in Danish as well as one or more languages. If you plan an activity for a group or if you have guests visiting from another country, let them experience Denmark on a guided tour in their mother tongue to get the most out of their visit. Book a guide who speaks the same language as the participants - that's a good gesture.

Our guides understand Danish. Some, however, stick to guiding in their mother tongue only. Choose the guide who speaks the language your guests need. You can choose from many languages such as English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, German, Hungarian, Chinese, Portuguese, Slovak and many more. More guides and languages are added all the time.

Danish-Speakers Abroad

If you have a group of Danish visitors to a country other than Denmark, we can help you with a Danish-speaking local guide. Our Danish guides abroad live and guide in the country or city where they are staying. They know the country's history, culture and language and can give your guests a good introduction to the destination.

Types of guides

All guides are enthusiastic about their destination and local sights. Guides have slight differences when it comes to backgrounds. We relate to the following:

  • Guides
    Everyone can call themselves a guide. Our guides all have qualified experience, are professionals and have proven to us that they are good at what they do when it comes to storytelling and guiding in their local area.
  • Highly professional guides
    Highly professional guides have trained specifically in a profession. A highly professional guide can be a historian, biologist, nature guide, geologist, archaeologist and the like. If you want the particularly high professional knowledge, you should book a highly professional guide.
  • Diploma guide
    A guide educated from Roskilde University's 1-year guide training course.
  • Licensed guides
    Some countries have a requirement that guides must have license to guide in the country. Not all countries can provide Danish-speaking licensed guides though.
    We handle this by letting our Danish guide book a supplementary local guide with a license for the tours where it is required. We thus ensure that guests can listen to a Danish speaker, either the guide or the Danish guide's translation into Danish.
    Conditions for licensed guides we respect. If there will be a supplement it is available to see on the guide's profile.

How to become a guide

You can become a guide in various ways.

Some guides have learned from living in an area for years and have accumulated extensive local knowledge and experience. Some have a hobby which means that their local knowledge has accumulated over a number of years and many hours of committed study of a special subject. xxxx

Some are educated in a specialised subject such as a cultural storyteller, a nature guide or a professional study which is a perfect background for guiding, eg. history, biology, geography, archaeology and the like.

How do guides qualify to work with us

We have met all our guides before we accept to work with them. We love meeting new guides and experience their passion for sharing what they know. We are open to work with many different types of guides. Some basic skills are required though, on top of knowledge, such as clear speech, good language skills and a high level of service.

No one is ever fully educated. We can all improve our performances. Therefore, once a year we invite all our guides to our annual meeting, where we share professional knowledge, new trends etc. And we inspire each other.

Following each assignment clients receive an evaluation e-mail so that we can constantly learn from guest feedback. Help us to improve by answering your evaluation e-mail. Do remember, please, that human beings thrive on receiving positive feedback. We love to share a laudatory e-mail with the guide who has been on assignment. It helps to motivate and gives job satisfaction - both here in the office and out in the streets. Critical comments we do our best to learn from and share with all guides.

Guide or tour manager

A guide or a guiding tour manager, what's the difference? Mostly duration. Guides you book on an hourly basis, tour managers must be booked for at least two consecutive days and accommodated with the group. We have made you an overview so you can see more about differences between guides and tour managers difference between a guide and a tour guide.

We are happy to say visit Denmark with Guide Service Denmark.