Danish-Speakers Abroad

Let a Danish-speaking guide in another country give your Danish visitors a city tour, a guided tour or a guided walk in their mother tongue. We endeavor to collect Danish-speaking guides in as many destinations as possible. With us you can easily get an overview of your options for guides for your Danish visitors.

  • Guide in Thorshavn,

    Guide in Thorshavn,

    Guided city walks in and around Tórshavn with all the fascinating stories this small nation's capital has to offer

    • 1st hour 950 DKK
    • For the 2nd hour and following hours, per hour 500 DKK
    • Language
  • Guide in Amsterdam and Haarlem, Helena

    Guide in Amsterdam and Haarlem, Helena

    My heart has taken me many places around the globe. Let me tell you about this wonderful country and city. I love it

    • 1st hour 750 DKK
    • For the 2nd hour and following hours, per hour 350 DKK
    • Language

Danish-speaking Guides Around the World

It can sometimes be a challenge to find Danish-speaking guides around the world. We want to make it easier for you. Therefore we are doing our best to collect as many guides as possible on this site.

If your visitors have only a few days to spend in a city, a good introduction is a huge help. This is exactly where our Danish-speaking guides around the world can contribute. Take a city walk or a different kind of guided tour on one of the first days. The following days your visitors then know what to look for and where to find the good experiences and hidden gems. Let your visitors go exploring and get a lot more out of their visit.

Guided tour - in Danish

Our Danish-speaking guides have predescribed some guided tours in their destination. See their tour descriptions and find some inspiration. You can also request specific content for a guided tour or city tour yourself. You have the option when you make the booking of your guide. It makes your choice so much easier when you can choose a pre-described tour as well as set your own wishes for content.

Visiting exciting destinations around the world accompanied by a local guide who knows the area and speaks the language opens new doors. Living in the city and in the country means that the guide knows about all the details that you cannot read up on, those that come from experience.

We are working on being able to find you local guides in as many countries as possible. We currently offer you the most Danish-speaking guides in Europe. Some of the countries we can help with Danish-speaking guides are Austria, Scotland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece.

You can find Danish-speaking guides in cities such as Edinburgh, Athens, Florence, Vienna, Berlin, Paris - and many, many more. If you bookmark this site, you will discover that more Danish-speaking guides abroad are being added all the time.

There is a growing tendency for Danish tourists to book a private guide when they go on holiday. We understand that. It is not at all as luxurious as one might think. On the contrary as it is a huge advantage to have a Danish-speaking guide reveal the best experiences, places to eat and, not least, the history of the destination.

We are happy to say visit the world with Guide Service Denmark and our Danish-speaking guide service abroad.