Guides all over Bornholm

Our guides on Bornholm know all the details of the beautiful island and know where the best gems are hidden. The guides can easily show you the way to good experiences and places you did not know were there. If you want to see some suggestions for tours, take a look at our guide service Bornholm. You'll find lots of options.

  • Guide Zealand and Bornholm, Bjørn

    Guide Zealand and Bornholm, Bjørn

    Guide, Anthropologist, nature lover and mushroom picker guides Zealand, Copenhagen and Bornholm

    • 1st hour 1.000 DKK
    • Every commenced hour thereafter 800 DKK
    • Language
  • Guide on Bornholm, Marit

    Guide on Bornholm, Marit

    Bornholm is my beautiful island that I want to show you. I can also drive a coach or car. I've got the license to do so

    • 1st hour 900 DKK
    • Every commenced hour thereafter 450 DKK
    • Language
  • Guide on Bornholm, Torsten

    Guide on Bornholm, Torsten

    Discover the Island of Bornholm with an experienced all round guide! Furthermore I am a nature lover and we have plenty of nature here

    • 1st hour 850 DKK
    • Every commenced hour thereafter 500 DKK
    • Language

Guides on Bornholm - hidden gems

If you are going on holiday on Bornholm, you will probably want to hear some of the good and special stories about the island. Bornholm, a Danish rocky island in the Baltic Sea, is very different from the rest of Denmark. Bornholm's history is also different from the rest of Denmark's history. Among other things the history of the occupation period is different. Listen to guides when the reveal the story as they know the details and can make history both interesting and exciting.

Our local guides on Bornholm know the details of the island and know where to look for you to experience the best of Bornholm. It is best to book a guide if you want a shortcut to the good experiences and stories about Bornholm. They know both the history and what it is like to live on the rocky island in the Baltic Sea.

Our guides have predescribed suggestions for guided tours on Bornholm. You can also book a guide to help you plan your tour, regardless of whether you have a large or small group going on a tour.

Optional languages

If you visit each guide's profile, you can see more about their qualifications and which tours they suggest. This is also where you can see which languages they speak. We are best more guides who speak Danish, English and German, but will help as best we can if you need other languages.

Our guides on Bornholm are happy to take you on a guide tour of one of the picturesque towns, walking tours or coach tours. They can talk about the history, historic buildings, the magnificent nature and everything else that makes Bornholm something very special. Not least what it is like to live on Bornholm.

Do you want to be our guide on Bornholm

We need more guides to guide on Bornholm. Do you want to join us? If you are an experienced guide, or would like to become one, we would like very much to hear from you. We look forward to receiving your application.

We are happy to say visit Bornholm with Guide Service Denmark and our guide service Bornholm