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Choose your area on Funen and nearby islands and check out our guides' suggestions for guided tours. Or send us your very own request, and we will do our best to make that come true.

Guided tours Funen and islands

Funen is a picturesque and cosy Danish island with great sights close together. The islands around Funen have a lot to offer as well. You owe it to yourself to experience this lovely island where the Danish concept of "hygge" could very well have been invented. Perhaps in Kerteminde or in Faaborg, two lovely costal towns each with its own charm and atmospheare? Go on a guided tour in Odense with a local guide and discover the atmospheric alleys and streets in the city where Hans Christian Andersen was born. Furthermore, Funen is the one place in Denmark where you find the most manor houses.

Funen, an abundance of manor houses

Funen offers some of the most beautiful Danish nature and some of Denmark's most beautiful old and listed manor houses. The number of manor houses is due to the Funen soil being one of the most fertile in Denmark. Therefore back in the days each manor house could manage with smaller agricultural areas than manor houses elsewhere in Denmark. Some of Funen's well-known manor houses are Egeskov Castle, Holckenhavn Castle, Lykkesholm - and many, many more. Visit Funen and we'll show you the way to all the beautiful manor houses.

We have many guides who would love to give you a guided tour of Egeskov Castle which is an outstanding experience. Both in the castle, in the park and in the museums, there are plenty of good stories to tell. Egeskov is a major attraction on Funen. After your guided tour, there is still a lot to experience and see on your own. Come along to Egeskov.

Charming Funen market towns

The charming Funen market towns and coastal towns are just waiting for you to come to explore. No doubt you will benefit even more from your visit when you let a local guide tell all the good stories on a guided tour. A visit in Svendborg with a guided tour is a must. Svendborg is beautifully located on South Funen with a view to Tåsinge and almost to Valdemar Castle.

Go further west towards the next coastal town Faaborg for a guided tour or Assens. Both towns are full of idyllic charm. If you head further north from Assens you'll hit Middelfart. In Middelfart there are beautiful views of both the new and the old Lillebæltsbro, the bridges that cross the Little Belt. If you are an art-lover, CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art in Middelfart is a great experience and the only museum of its kind in Denmark. We are thrilled to guide this beautiful museum.

Find your very own guided tour on Funen from the suggestions made by our guides. Great options for city walks, guided tours in museums, bike tours, island tours, hiking and walking tours, coach tours and boat tours. Whether you want a guided tour in the city of Odense, a hike on Æbelø or a guided tour of Egeskov or another great sight, Guide Service Denmark has plenty of options from which you can choose.

If you are planning a visit in Odense, you have many options for a guided tour in Funen's only city. Indulge yourself with all the options and enjoy your stay in Odense.

A guided tour is a wise choice if you want to get the most out of your visit to Funen whether your stay is long or short.

We are happy to say visit Funen with Guide Service Denmark and our guide service Funen.