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Funen is beautiful all over. A lot of people say so. This is where you will see blooming lilacs hedges, white or yellow washed half-timbered houses, thatched roofs and views to the sea in countless places.

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Guided tours on Funen

Where to start to explore Funen is an obvious question for a first time visitor. First of all it is probably a good idea to decide whether you are more into the city or into nature. Next, it's a good idea to decide how you want to get around. Should it be on a guided tour in the city, a guided bike tour, a tour with a coach and guide or do you feel fit for a walking tour? Which attracts you the most? Only you know that.

Check out our many good suggestions for guided tours and make your choice. You can also describe you request and we will help plan and arrange it.

On Funen, the good sights to experience are close to each other. Furthermore there are so many manor houses it is unbelieveable. Funen is the place in Denmark where you find the most manor houses. This is due to the good and fertile Funen soil. Back in the day, each Funen manor house could produce more on smaller areas than elsewhere in Denmark. Therefore, Funen has room for so many manor houses.

Egeskov Castle

Egeskov Castle is probably the manor house on Funen that is best known in the wider world. More than 100,000 visitors from all over the world come every year to experience the beautiful castle. Many visitors want to hear the history of the castle and the count's family through the ages. Others would like to experience the park and exhibitions while they listen to the good stories of what they see. So all you have to do is choosing what interests you the most.

You can go on guided tour of the house of Egeskov Castle or go exploring on your own. Whether you want the full guided package or just an hour's tour of the house is up to you.

Manor Houses on Funen outnumber the rest of Denmark's

It's not just Egeskov Castle that will impress you when it comes to manor houses.

Holckenhavn Castle, which today is probably best known for its events and weddings, is one of the manor houses that the noblewoman Ellen Marsvin bought and owned.

Ellen Marsvin was a remarkable lady. A noble woman acting in the men's world on equal footing with noble men whom she actually surpassed in many ways.

Holckenhavn Castle was originally named Ulfeldtsholm after the Ulfeldt family, who owned the manor house before Ellen Marsvin bought and renamed it. Only much later did the manor house pass to the Holck family, after which the manor house Holckenhavn Castle is named.

Beautiful Funen nature

Funen is a rather hilly island. We who cycle here every day feel that. You may also have heard of Svanninge Hills, Svanninge Bakker, and Frøbjerg Bavnehøj, which are some of the hills on Funen.

The Funen landscape is partly created by the Ice Age, which left behind material that the ice pushed forward or dragged along. Where a large lump of ice was stuck and subsequently melted, we have dead ice holes, which today can be beautiful lakes.

If you want to listen to stories of how the various ice ages have shaped Funen, you should probably choose a guided nature tour. You'll experience the nature much better by being out in it, rather than seeing it from a coach on the road. Scents, sounds and windy hair are all part of being outdoors.

Charming Funen towns

Funen is closely packed with lovely towns. A number of coastal towns all the way round the beautiful island are there to impres you. Funen calls itself a Bike Island and has many BikeFriends throughout Funen in favor of cycling tourists. On Funen as well as a lot of other areas of Denmark everyone on a cycling holiday will be able to find assistance when in need of repair, water or just a rest. Especially for cycling tourists, it is great that the Funen towns are so close, as the distances are all manageable. And the experiences are just waiting for you to turn up.

On Southern Funen, Faaborg is one of the beautiful coastal towns not to be missed. The bell tower is the town's remarkable mascot. A good trot on the bicycle from Faaborg, and you can make a well planned stop at the gastronomically famous Falsled Kro, Falsled Inn. If you continue further west, a good ride on the bicycle, you will reach Assens.

Two people are famous in Assens, Ernst and Willemoes. Ernst was a collector of silver items. In the museum Ernst Samling you can see much of his collection and get to know its silver history and the Assens town itself has a very interesting history of Willemoes for you to discover.

Further north you find Middelfart, with the two beautiful bridges over the Little Belt, Lillebælt. Both will please your eyes. On the Little Belt you can also go on a porpoise safari and in Middelfart town there is a lot of beautiful architecture to discover, both new and old buildings. Most of the new ones are on the harbour front. By the harbor you will also find what is called the hanging gardens in Middelfart.

If you go east from Faaborg instead of west, you will have a relaxing cycling tour along the coast to Svendborg. Here there is another beautiful and exciting harbour and a charming town centre. Svendborg is known on Funen and the rest of Denmark for being a film town. Here the Svend Prize is awarded to Danish films once a year.

If you ride north, you might want to make a stop in Nr. Lyndelse, that is if you are into classical music. In Nr. Lyndelse you find the childhood home of the composer Carl Nielsen. His childhood home is a cozy and authentic little museum not to be missed.

Have you heard the coastal town on the Great Belt, Nyborg mentioned? This is where we used to go on the ferry from Korsør to Nyborg back in the days. Separate ferries for trains and vehicles. Today Nyborg is perhaps best known for its medieval market in the summer and for Nyborg Castle which is open to the public.

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