With Car or Coach

Some tours cover such huge distances that you need a car or a coach to get around. Bring your own coach or let us book one for you. Go exploring anywhere in Denmark by coach or car with the company of a skilled guide.

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Transport is needed for longer tours

If you want to go further than your feet can take you a coach or a car is the right form of transport. This is a fine choice if you have a group and you want to share a guide.

When you go exploring by coach or car, the guide makes sure that you make some strategically good stops. The right stops for stories to be told and sometimes also opportions for comfort stops. When you choose to go by coach, you can reach further and if some in the group are not good walkers you can also spare your legs.

Cars and drivers

There are strict regulations as to who are allowed to as professional drivers of coaches and cars with paying clients. Therefore we recommend that you book a coach or driver. We can provide a few guides with professional driving licences. However, the car must be rented, and sometimes it is cheaper to rent a minibus with a driver than a car. It depends on the size of the car or the rental company. If you rent the coach, diesel or electricity is included, petrol will not be for the car.

We are happy to help you book a coach or rent a car. We comply with Danish legislation regarding professionals driving licenses. Therefore, only a few are driver guides. The vast majority stick to guiding only and letting a driver manage the wheel in the car or coach.

Coach tours all around Denmark

You can go on a guided tour by coach or car throughout Denmark. This means that you can spend the night in, for example, Copenhagen and from there drive to North Zealand to enjoy the royal castles. You can also drive south to experience that part of Zealand. There are many beautiful places to explore, and once the guide shares the stories, a place usually becomes much more enticing than experiencing it on your own.

You can also go on a tour around Funen and stop in some of the beautiful market and coastal towns or visit Egeskov Castle or some of the many beautiful places in Funen. The Funen guides will be happy to talk about and show off their favorite island in Denmark.

If you are on holiday in Jutland, the distances immediately become longer. That is if you want to drive all the way from south to north. However, there is no reason for that, because even small distances reveal great variety in Jutland. You can explore beautiful and charming cities, Ice Age landscapes, forest or heath - and also the coast all around our country, which is great to explore in itself.

We are happy to say visit Denmark with Guide Service Denmark on a tour by coach, car and our Danish guide services.