Story Trail

– guided tours with a learning and team work approach.

The guide introduces and starts your Story Trail. The participants will be asked to explore and go searching for answers to specific questions. Questions small groups can solve in a specific area about specific topics and thus get to know the area, the city, the neighborhood and the subject well. Learning enhances the experience and involves each participant who also share what is learned with the whole group. A good base for longer learning.

A story trail is particularly suitable for schools and students, larger groups of friends and as team building.

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The cores of story trails are:

Story trails are particularly suitable for team building and as group work for students - probably mostly the oldest grades.

The group is divided into smaller teams, which are given their own questions to answer. The guide initiates and is available throughout the process and provides a final sum up.

All information is online. No paper maps or worksheets will be destroyed in rain.

The cores of story trails are:

  • structure and questions online
  • active participation in learning
  • discover and experience an area with a focus on a specific topic
  • find the story and explanations yourself with guidance
  • joint discussion and reflection as follow up
  • we collect all answers so that the participants can continue to work on the topic after the story trail

Where can you find story trails

We can offer story trails both in Denmark and in a number of cities in Europe. Regard a story trail as a new type of guided tour, where the participants are far more active than on ordinary guided tours. Here they have to work with each other to answer questions.

Story trails have been developed primarily for students. Therefore we focus on the cities where we know study trips go to. You can find story trails in:

  • Amsterdam
  • Groningen
  • Paris
  • Berlin
  • Copenhagen
  • Aalborg

Suitable for schools

A story trail is a good suggestion for students that are focusing on at trip with a subject, students who must learn to research information themselves and learn to act in a new place. Therefore, they are best for the slightly older grades. We have had 8.-10. grades on story trails and also grades 10.-13 (high school students).

If you have younger students we suggest that more teachers accompany them, so that we can safely divide the students into smaller groups, each accompanied by a teacher.

On a story trail the participants uncover, discover, observe and discuss a specific topic. The guide sets the framework and is available throughout the tour.

The participants themselves must discover, learn and explore a district and the questions linked to the specific topic. These are provided by the guide.

On a story trail the participants get that much deeper in their understanding of a district, of how life is lived in the area and explore the district independently.

A story trail is learning in an active way while having fun.

Your students' very own story trail

If you want help creating your very own story trail, we are happy to assist. We have the experience, we have all the relevant coding in place, so you can quickly reach your goal.

Your very own story trail can be for your class, which has to work on a topic that we have not yet covered or which is going on a trip to a new city. Contact us and we will help you get started. Maybe you even want to become a story trail guide with us?

Who can participate

Story trails are suitable for students in the older grades. For younger grades, more teachers must be accompanying, so it is safe for all students to be out in a new city. As the teacher who knows the class, you are the one who assesses whether the students should have support in the groups. Both the guide and you as a teacher can help the students while on the story trail when needed.

Story trails are team work

A story trail is suitable as team building. The focus is on cooperation while enjoying a good and mutual experience in a new city.

If you are an association on tour, a large family or a company it is a good way to be together while you get to know an area or subject.

Team building in the calm, learning way. Together you gain new knowledge, a good experience and, not least, a good shared memory.

We are happy to say go on a story trail with Guide Service Denmark and our learning guide service.