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Guide service Odense, here you can experience Funen's largest city with skilled local guides. Choose which guided tour or city walk you want to explore. Choose from our suggested tours. Experiences suited for both children and adults.

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Guided tours in Odense

This is where you'll find good suggestions for a guided tour around to all the best sights in Odense, which is Denmark's 3rd largest city. Odense offers both historic neighborhoods and lively areas that are worth experiencing for both locals and tourists. You can find many topics for guided tours in Odense. The Hans Christian Andersen theme is obvious as the poet and fairytale writer was born i Odense: the museum named after him, his birthplace and childhood home are obvious places to visit.

There is so much more to see on either a guided walk, a bike ride or a guided coach tour. With a guide to accompany you, you'll get the best of your visit to Odense and you'll hear the good stories without having to do any research by yourself. Odense is a green city, an open city and a cycling city and very suitable for guided tours by foot or by bike. A coach tour starting from Odense is the right choice if you want to experience a little more of Funen.

If you want to see who can guide in Odense  or if you want to see guides all over Funen, this is where you can find our list of guides.

During a little over 100 years Odense has gradually grown from being a large town into a big city, with everything that comes along. At the same time, Odense has managed to maintain a distinctive character as an open, green and airy city and you can still see why Odense for many years has had a reputation for being a town with mostly villas. For many years the river Odense Å formed the southern boundary of the city, but today Odense Å is part of central and recreational, green Odense. There are lovely walks along the river through the parks and you can follow the river all the way to Fruens Bøge and Odense Zoo. From there you can choose to either stroll back or sail back with the river boat, Odense Åfart. If you want a guided tour on the river, no problem. We can do that as well.

Odense has a number of exciting museums such as Hans Christian Andersen's House, Hans Christian Andersen's Childhood Home, the Railway Museum and the Tidens Samling - Danish costume and interior through decades. All the museums are worth a visit. Also the open-air museum the Funen Village, Den Fynske Landsby, the museum Møntergården and also Odense Cathedral, where you can see the bones of Canute the Saint in the crypt below the cathedral. 

Guided tour in the city of Odense

A guided tour in Odense city offers many subjects and themes. A guided tour can be in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen, which is a guided tour suitable for the whole family, children as well as adults. A guided tour in medieval Odense, a guided boat tour on Odense river or a walk in the city's new district. Options are numerous.

At the Port of Odense there is a lot of new, exciting and, not least, beautiful architecture. Here is also the distinctive North Atlantic House on Byens Ø. 

A guided tour in Odense can start whereever you want in the city and will quite naturally lead you past both new and old architecture, and you'll see the cozy cobbled streets and the city's beautiful, green parks. If you are interested in the history of the city of Odense or more up-to-date information, the guides have good and extensive knowledge.

Guided tours

Guide Service Denmark can also offer tours of museums in Odense, Odense Cathedral and the city's other churches and elsewhere in the city. Whether you want a tour indoors or outdoors our skilled guides are ready to share their knowledge with you and your guests, whether you are few or many participants in your group. Both guided tours are a good activity for groups, and our guides are happy to share their many stories from Odense with guests from home and abroad, in the language that is needed.

Guided tours, not just Odense but all of Funen

If you'd like a slightly longer tour you might also want to book a coach and not just the guide or plan a bicycle tour. We can help you with both options.

How many in a group

Our groups start with just 1 person and no upper limit to how many in a group. We recommend booking a guide for approximately every 25-30 people. On each tour you can see the maximum number of participants. If you are a large group we just book extra guides.

We are happy to say visit Odense with Guide Service Denmark and our guide service Odense.