Guide Service at Egeskov Castle

Egeskov Castle is beautifully located on South Funen and is a great experience and a wonderful place to explore for adults and children alike. Both the castle itself, the park and the exhibitions.

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Egeskov Castle - guided tours

Egeskov Castle is one of the major sights in Denmark and a very popular manor house to visit on South Funen. You get far more out of your visit to Egeskov Castle if you go on a guided tour. Listen to the guide's vast knowledge about Egeskov's history and the many interesting people who have lived there. To experience Egeskov Castle accompanied by a guide ensures that you can hear all the good stories and furthermore find the entertaining and surprising details and secrets about Egeskov Castle.

Egeskov Castle is entertaining for the whole family and a visit to Egeskov is a very good activity for groups. For your visit to Egeskov, you can book a tour of the castle itself, a tour of the park, the gardens or the museums. Egeskov holds so many secrets and surprising stories, and your guide from Guide Service Denmark will be happy to share them all with you. You can either choose your guide on Egeskov yourself or let the office make the choice on your behalf.

Each year, Egeskov is visited by hundreds of thousands of guests from virtually all over the world.

Opening hours 2024 according to Egeskov's website

VINTERSÆSON 2024: åbent til Leg og udstillinger (Slot og haven er lukket)
02.01. – 26.04. kl. 10 – 16 (Slot og haven er lukket)
09.02-18.02. kl. 16.30 – 21 LUMINIS lysevent i haven. Dagtimer lukket
09. − 10. + 16. − 17. + 23. − 24.11. + 30.11. − 01.12. Egeskov Julemarked
07.12.- 30.12. kl. 10 -16 (lukket 24.+25.12)

SUMMER SEASON: All offers open
27.4. - 28.16. 10 am - 5 pm (Castle 11 am - 5 pm)
29.06. - 11.8. 10 am - 7 pm (Castle 10 am - 7 pm)
12.08 - 20.10. at 10 am - 5 pm (Castle at 11 am - 5 pm)
13.06. - 15.06. Heartland Festival
21.10 - 27.10. 10 am - 5 pm (castle and castle lake closed.)

Egeskov Castle – probably the most famous manor house on Funen

Egeskov Castle is one of Denmark's most famous attractions. A beautiful water castle that rises proudly above the moat. Had it once a drawbridge? Nowadays Egeskov Castle is a very peaceful place with room for visits from guests from all over the world. Today, no one should feel intimidated by guns or rifles. Today's visitor can enjoy the beautiful manor house with its beautiful surroundings and the large park and garden. In all seasons there is something beautiful to look at and let the eye rest on.

During centuries famous and powerful noble families have lived at Egeskov Castle. The first owner was the Skinkel family. Among other things he was engaged with piracy and he was at odds with both Queen Margrethe the First and the Hanseatic city of Lübeck. This is documented in a peace agreement from 1386.

Other families later settled on Egeskov as well as periods of troubled times. Many manor houses destroyed during Grevens Fejde, the Count's Feud. But Egeskov luckily survived.

Egeskov Castle and the Brockenhuus family

Egeskov Castle was built by the Brockenhuus family, who bought the property and built the castle after the rebellion had been put down and Christian the 3rd had become Denmark's new, Protestant king. The castle was built in the form we know it today. The Danish nobility had quite a fright during the Grevens Fejde, the Count's Feud and had learned from it. Therefore, Egeskov Castle is a strongly defended castle, which only a long siege or heavy artillery could capture. A peasants army would not be able to. The family felt safe and the values were protected as well.

The Brockenhuus family only lived at Egeskov Castle for 2 generations. The last Brockenhuus at Egeskov Castle was called Laurits and he had daughters only. One of them was called Rigborg. She had a very unfortunate fate as the "walled maiden" and today one of the rooms at Egeskov is known for being maiden Rigborg's room. This room you must experience and this is the right place to listen to the story of the poor maiden Rigborg.

There are so many good stories about Egeskov Castle. If you want to hear them in full, see the walled maiden's room and see cruel Laurits's chair? There is also the story about the elf in the attic who prevents the castle from sinking into the moat on Christmas night? Or hear about the African hunting trophies in the old count's rooms? We hope you can see why it is obvious to book a guide for your tour to have the full experience.

Egeskov Castles gardens and exhibitions

Egeskov Castle is much more than the house itself. Egeskov castle has a beautiful park, which has been open to visitors for almost 200 years and which has long been famous for its labyrinth among other things. Egeskov has one of the most beautiful gardens in Denmark, indeed in all of Northern Europe.

If you prefer an indoor experience, you can indulge into the many entertaining exhibitions at Egeskov Castle or museums if you prefer. Egeskov Castle has an impressive collection of vintage cars including cars, buses, racing cars as well as motorcycles. A true eldorado for car lovers. The wonderful detail is that both vintage cars and motorcycles are still in use from time to time.

There is also an ambulance and fire fighters museum and the latest exhibit added is about outdoor and camping. The exhibitions at Egeskov are definitely not like in an ordinary museum, you have to experience them by yourself.

The Ahlefeld-Laurvig-Bille family are counts and the current count Michael lives in the house today. The house is a private home, making you a visitor in the private living rooms. The living rooms are used by the count and his wife when the day visitors are gone and in the winter season the house is closed to visitors. The house may therefore be closed on certain days during the season if there is a private event.

We are happy to say visit Egeskov Castle with Guide Service Denmark and our guide service Egeskov.