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Zealand and Islands - guided tours

Zealand is surrounded by islands. All are wonderful areas to visit especially on a guided tour as there is so much history and many wonderful gems. Lots of variety from the pulsating life in Copenhagen to all the many beautiful places scattered across South and West Zealand, the nature park Royal North Zealand and the islands Lolland-Falster. Furthermore, all the small and charming islands along the Zealand coast. There are so many places with each their good stories, beautiful nature and not least genuine Zealand warmth.

Zealand has many cities and places to choose from when planning your tour. If you don't find exactly the focus you want, contact us as we are always happy to assist and help you find the right solution. Good, guided tours in Copenhagen have a separate page to facilitate the overview.

Guided tours Zealand & nearby islands

For those who love a city break Copenhagen is an obvious choice, but there are also beautiful and lovely places in e.g. Roskilde, Helsingør, Korsør and Kalundborg to name just a few of the beautiful Zealand towns.

Where does the province actually begin? It's a bit difficult to completely create a boundary, so we'll let you decide when you feel you have left the capital.

The national park Royal North Zealand

Kongernes Nordsjælland, Royal North Zealand, might very well be best known for the royal castles and palaces Fredensborg Slot, Kronborg and Frederiksborg Slot. Fredensborg Palace is the residence of the royal family for part of the year, so of course you cannot go inside, but you can enjoy the palace from the outside and the beautiful park.

Kronborg Castle, Hamlet's castle is quite different. Here you can go inside and experience the atmosphere in the old halls. Perhaps, like so many others, you initially think of Shakespeare and the play Hamlet, but Kronborg has much more history to reveal. There is a story of Holger Danske, Holger the Dane, which is best understood when your guide explains his significance.

South Zealand's beautiful nature

Although Denmark is a flat country, Zealand's nature offers lots of variety. When you head down to the south you can explore two beautiful clints, Stevns Klint and Møns Klint. Steep and impressive clints that consist mostly of chalk. Among other things you can search for interesting fossils and if you have an inner geologist, you will certainly find more interesting stones on the coast.

We are happy to say visit Zealand with Guide Service Denmark and our guide service Zealand.