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Go for the most inspiring guided tour in Aarhus - or send us your very own request for a tailored tour. Aarhus, the City of Smiles and the largest city in Jutland. Let's show you all the best of Aarhus.

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Aarhus - guided tours

Aarhus is a large university city, and the many young people make the city sprightly and lively. Both on the university grounds and along the river and in all the cafes and bars that beckon along the recreated river, Aarhus Å. Lots of sights and interesting places are close by. Everywhere on a city walk you will meet the city's citizens, students and tourists from all over the world. There is always a joyful ambience and happy days in Aarhus, and it is not without reason that Jutland's largest city has been nicknamed the City of Smiles. 

Aarhus has so many good and exciting sights that are worth a visit with or without a guide. You have architecture, museums, historical monuments and hip neighbourhoods around the city. A city walk with a guide will take you to the places that interest you the most. A guided tour will also ensure that you get to know the details and quirks of the place. You can freely choose from all our guides in Aarhus. Book directly and get a quick response.

Choose between a city walk around one of the city's many different neighbourhoods or parks, a guided bike tour in the beautiful countryside or the city centre. How about a tour through Den Gamle by, the open-air museum or a coach tour to the city's many sights. Your guide ensures that you experience the best of everything and that you get to exactly where you want to go and listen to all the good stories while you are on tour.

Aarhus, the largest city in Jutland

Aarhus is Jutland's largest city and a big city, although compared to international big cities it is small. In Aarhus, development is fast, the pace is fast and the harbour area boasts modern construction in glass and steel. Fortunately, the city has preserved the characteristic Danish coziness in the city centre. The Latin Quarter is really worth a visit - but where is it? What to choose if time is short? A guided tour or city walk with a professional guide can be the fastest way to the best of Aarhus. If you feel like it, afterwards you can wander between the attractions and sights that interest you the most.

Museums and culture in Aarhus

DOKK1 and the art museum AroS with Olafur Eliasson's "Rainbow Panorama" are two central landmarks in the City of Smiles. The open-air museum Den Gamle By is probably Aarhus' biggest attraction. Right next to it is the botanical garden with the large greenhouses, where you can wander through the climate zones from temperate to tropical and from rainforest to desert. You can see vanilla hanging from orchid vines, see coffee trees, angel trumpets, dragon's blood trees and much more.


In Marselisborg, on the southern outskirts of the city, you'll find the queen's summer residence, Marselisborg Palace. The palace is surrounded by the royal park, Forstbotanisk Have, the Forest Botanical Garden with trees from all over the world and a memorial park for those who fell in the First World War.

Further towards the south, past Dyrehaven and through the beautiful Marselisborg forests, you'll find Moesgård Museum. Among many other things you can see the Grauballemanden, a unique and fantastically well-preserved bog man from the Iron Age. The new Moesgård Museum is very scenic and beautifully integrated into the landscape, an unusually successful structure in grass and concrete. If you're interested in architecture, it's worth the whole trip just to see the museum from the outside. But allow yourself time to experience the museum from the inside. It is definitely worth a visit.

Aarhus city centre

Back in the city we recommend to visit Aarhus' very cosy, old town centre. The centre offers many small and large attractions. The Latin quarter lies north and west of the cathedral, which is the tallest and longest church in Denmark. The cathedral is located right in the centre of historic Aarhus and from here there is only a short walk to all the most important sights in the city centre. The cathedral is dedicated to the patron saint of sailors St. Clemens. It suits Aarhus very well, as Aarhus has Denmark's largest port, measured in volume of goods.

Right by the cathedral is the beautiful Aarhus Theatre. Only a stone's throw away, from Clemens Bro you can look down into the open river, Aarhus Å. This is also where you can take part in the exciting and fashionable café life along the river. An obvious place to study Aarhusians relaxing in good spirit. In the summer, it is really crowded with a multitude of young people enjoying themselves.

The street Skolegade has always been a favorite spot for thirsty souls in search of a watering hole. The street runs from the cathedral all the way down to the estuary and the port. In the City of Smiles there are of course naughty stories from Skolegade, and the guide knows them.

The Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter has also gone from being the center of the city's bohemians and flippers to being fashionable. The small shops in the small old houses are of course still there, the cobblestones are still there, but access is prohibited for cars. The Latin Quarter in Aarhus has been beautifully renovated and on summer evenings the scent of exotic spices drifts from the many small cafes and eateries. Our guides in Aarhus are enthusiastic about their city, and loves to tell all the good and surprising stories about Aarhus.

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