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Guided tours throughout Jutland

Jutland has so many wonderful places, sights and attractions. Going on a tour with a guide in nature is always an experience. A guided city tour in Aarhus, Ribe or one of the many interesting towns as well and there is all the beautiful nature to visit in Jutland as well. A guided tour ensures that you don't miss out on the best. You can also go on a guided bike ride or let yourself guide in a kayak on Vejle Fjord. You can also have a guided tour of the park and garden Marselisborg Palace or.... Options are numerous, you just have to choose.

Guide Service Denmark can provide good guides to ensure that you and your family or your group get the best from your visit to Jutland. Just pick your guided tour whether it's a city walk, a guided tour, a bike tour, coach tour, museum visit or a tour out into the beautiful Jutland countryside. You'll experience some of the best and most impressive attractions and will hear good stories about the destination, regardless of whether you are in Christiansfeld, Aalborg or somewhere else. We have made you a comprehensive overview of tours in the areas around Aarhus and Vejle if you know you are visiting one or both cities. You can also find inspiration to visit other places around Jutland in our overview on this page of guided tours throughout Jutland.

Southern- and South of Jutland - guided tours

Out west is the Wadden Sea, which stretches all the way down to the Netherlands. The Wadden Sea is a powerful sea and can be quite frightening, but it also offers great and beautiful experiences. The islands to the west, Ribe and Fanø, are well worth a visit and the protruding dyke is an impressive natural experience and defence for the land behind it. Here, on an autumn day, you can really experience the wind and the power of the sea.

On the southern west coast, it is obvious that you will benefit from a guided tour in Ribe. In Ribe the history of the Vikings quickly becomes a focus point. How much Viking history do you know?

Fredericia is located on the east coast of southern Jutland. You can read about Fredericia's history as a fortified town in the post Fredericia, the fortified town that wrote history. Fredericia is a young and interesting town well worth a visit and holds much more than the history of fortifications, such as a restaurant with a Michelin star. Fredericia is located by the Little Belt, Lillebælt, and from Fredericia you can see to Middelfart towards the east. So you must make a choice whether to visit the island Funen or go further north in Jutland?

We are happy to say visit Jutland with Guide Service Denmark and our guide service Jutland.