• Providers are all guides, tour managers and lecturers. All providers work freelance. Therefore, it is rather important for us to have respect for their time. This means, you will get contact information to the provider once the assignment has been agreed upon by both parties. Up until then, we will happily answer all your questions at the office
  • You can pay us for making you a quote. You can avoid paying though as you can see all our rates online yourself and thereby save the cost of making you the quote
    • If you don't know which provider to choose or which tour you want, the best is for you to reach all providers. You will get a list of who is available and how they'll carry out the assignment. You can then choose which of the available guides you want
    • Guides for assignments in Denmark - guides in numerous languages. For assignments abroad we provice a number of Danish speaking guides
    • Overview tours
    • Overview tour managers
    • Overview lectures
  • ønsker du, at vi skal udfærdige et tilbud, betaler du for den tid, vi anvender. Priser finder du her
  • If you just want to know whether a certain guide can make your assignment, is available at the day and time or similar details, it is cheaper for you to make a booking rather than request a quote. If the guide cannot do the assignment, we will do our best to offer you a qualified alternative instead - unless you want only a specific guide
  • All assignments are prepaid. A deposit is paid when you make the booking. You will get a full refund of the deposit if we cannot solve the assignment
  • We provide all contact information once the deposit is paid and the advertiser has accepted the assignment or you have chosen who will solve the assignment based on the options we have sent you by email in response to your booking  
  • We have screened and met all our guides and assessed that the quality of each individual's service meets our customers' expectations. All assignments are solved individually according to the guide's best assessment of what is the optimal solution in the given situation. We offer the best qualified for all assignments
  • If you book on behalf of a travel agency that is a Preferred Partner that places all the year's guide bookings with Guide Service Denmark, you obtain a number of benefits, specified in our Terms of Agreement terms point 5

Shortcut to bookings

If you know which region you want to visit, we suggest that you use one of these links to see the full range of tours and guides in the region you want to visit.

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Your advantages when booking with Guide Service Denmark 

As a travel agency or tour operator you can save valuable recruitment time, thus saving you a salary expense. Your employees can instead spend their time on the tasks that cannot be contracted out.

For tour managers, it means that we can offer quite qualified tour managers for each individual country, because the tour managers can concentrate on the countries they are passionate about.

As an individual it is to your advantage to get a comprehensive overview of options, whether you need a guide in Denmark or a Danish-speaking guide abroad.