We are always happy to offer an internship. If you as well as we can see a purpose in the internship it is a win-win. That's what an internship is about.

All internships are in our office in Odense. Assignments for internships will never be offered as paid work. You cannot do an internship as a guide, tour guide or lecturer. For that our paid freelancers with professional experience have an exclusive right.

This is where you apply to work as a guide or a tour manager.

Internship - why

In an internship you can improve your skills for future jobs. If you e.g. write articles for our History Time you will subsequently be able to show your next employer some of your work – either as a copywriter or translator.

For us an internship is about getting to know you and your skills. Through internships we hope to also create a platform for you as a guide or tour leader. It is our experience that a dialogue can help to create opportunities and networks, perhaps even open your eyes to new skills and areas of work. We want to help you find inspiration to new areas.

Who can apply for internships

We have two options for internships:

  • internship if you are not yet employed and in the process of applying for a job
  • internship as part of your education whether you are student at university, university college etc.

If you are not employed and feel like being part of our office for a 4 week task, you must send us your application. We would like to know which tasks you are passionate about. That makes it easier for us to clarify options with you.

If you want to do an internship as part of your study we'd like to receieve your application. Tell us what you are studying and what you want to get out of an internship. We will meet in a dialogue on the basis of your wishes.

Which options for internships

We can offer internships such as:

  • translations - which are your languages?
  • multi media design
  • project management
  • SEO expertise
  • copywriter of historical facts
  • launching a new tour product in Denmark. We have a project description, focus must be on the practical implementation

Internships - we can offer

  • an informal and busy office - we always have time for a chat though
  • tasks that are not offered as paid jobs
  • flexibility and openness to your suggestions
  • respect about your idea and your contribution
  • feedback on your work

During the internship we'll hopefully find opportunities for you as a freelancer. We've seen that happen before and we always keep an open mind. Who knows, you might be the next success.

So far we have had very good work relations with students from UCL, multimedia, service- and marketing economics, from AU German and French, SDU American studies.

If you have an idea for an internship that you think could suit both you and us, we are open to a dialogue. We value interns, who often teach us new perspectives and help open our eyes to new opportunities – for the intern as well as for us.

NB, we ask to receive applications in the form below only. We do not read attachments, as far too many applications are without relevant focus.