Guide Service CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark

The CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark is a museum with beautiful architecture. The museum is an experience for those interested in architecture as well as those interested in ceramics and Danish porcelain. And a very beautiful view over the Little Belt tops it all.

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Guided tours CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark

Guide Service Denmark works very closely with the museum. In collaboration with our guide corps at CLAY we ensure that you and your guests get a good, guided tour of the museum. We know from our many guided tours that a guided tour of CLAY is a good activity for groups as well as for individuals.

What to expect from you visit at CLAY

The museum has a permanent exhibition of porcelain from Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grøndal. This you can see in the Treasury. It is a great experience for everyone who loves porcelain. There are many sets on display and the best known is probably the Flora Danica set, but also the Seagull set is famous among Danes and is on display. Come and have a look for yourself and let a guide tell you all the good stories that will make porcelain so much more interesting. A guided tour of the exhibition will ensure that it gets a whole new life and meaning.

Changing exhibitions

Exhibitions are never stationary at CLAY. There is always something new going on. It can be a rather small special exhibition on show or it can be all the objects and ceramic works of art that are changed at the same time. Not every week of course, but relatively frequently. This you will experience if you visit CLAY at regular intervals.

Guide Service Denmark works closely with the CLAY museum on training and updates in the new exhibitions. Regardless of when you visit, your guide will be well trained and will know the exhibition and be able to give you a good experience in exactly the part of it that you are particularly interested in. Or in the entire exhibition for that matter. Regardless of whether you book a guided tour of the museum whether with CLAY or Guide Service Denmark, the guides and the rates are the same.

How many in a group

We can guide small as well as larger groups. Minimum number is 1 person and maximum 30 in a group. If you bring a bigger group we just book more guides. If you are more than 30 in a group you can neither see nor hear which is what it is all about.

We can easily book more guides or the group can split and get the same guide for more tours.

You can book a guided tour yourself at Guided tour of CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark.

Opening hours according at CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark

Tuesdays-Sundays: 10.00 – 17.00

If you want an evening visit, be part of the opening of a new exhibition or need a very special arrangement or guided tour it is a very good idea to make the arrangements directly with the museum. Most wishes can come through when handled correctly - and well in advance.

We are happy to say visit the CLAY Museum with Guide Service Denmark and our guide service CLAY.