Guide CLAY - Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark, The office chooses


Guide CLAY - Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark, The office chooses
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About me

We are pleased to book the guides for you at CLAY - Museum of Ceramic Art in Middelfart 

Our guides are experienced and knowledgeable about the precious old porcelain in the Treasury, the majolica, fayence, the special exhibitions and of course about the beautiful buildings.

Before a new exhibition opens to the public, our guides will get an in-depth introduction to it, so they have the required knowledge and the stories to tell you for a great tour of CLAY.

When booking a guide, it helps us to know about any special wishes or requirements for your tour, e.g. if you would prefer the guide to concentrate on Danish porcelain from Royal Copenhagen and Aluminia or if you prefer, the guide to focus on one of the special expositions.

If you use the green button to book, we assign your guide here at GuideService Denmark. If you prefer to pick your guide yourself, below you will find a list of guides available at CLAY - Ceramics Museum Denmark. A guided tour of CLAY is always a nice activity for groups and offers many interesting stories and things to see.

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