Guide Vejle, Kolding and Fredericia, Erik


Guide Vejle, Kolding and Fredericia, Erik
  • Year of birth 1957
  • Name Erik
  • Language
  • I am interested in History of Denmark, monarchs, military history, Danish manors and castles, swordmanship
  • Educational background storyteller
  • 1st hour 900 DKK
  • Every commenced hour thereafter 450 DKK
  • Booking minimum hours 1

About me

I am a entertaining storyteller with more than 12 years experience, and guide at the museum Koldinghus Castle. Occationally I take part in TV productions.

I have been working with subjects related to European history from 1550 to 1945. I consider myself an amateur historian and I am a book collector.

My aim is to give my guests a unique experience of the place we visit. I'll guide you with knowledge about the subject, and add a suitable amount of Danish humor.

I have a passion for Danish History, monarchs, military history and the Danish castles, palaces and manors. I am a professional swordsman and have a vast number of stories about swordsmanship.

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