Guide for Music and Venues in Odense, Hans


Guide for Music and Venues in Odense, Hans
  • Year of birth 1950
  • Name Hans
  • Language
  • I am interested in Travel - languages - Music- Literature - History - Nature
  • 1st hour 1.000 DKK
  • Every commenced hour thereafter 400 DKK
  • Booking minimum hours 1

About me

For more than 30 years I have worked as a promoter of rock concerts in Odense and on Funen. I love to share stories about the culture of live music - of the artists, the fans and everything in between.

On a tour through Odense I can tell stories about a town and its music - which I now usually visit as a part of the audience - and a tradition and a love for rock concerts that never seems to die.

My stories are about venues, big and small, about artists, from Guns'n'Roses and Sting to singer/songwriters in humble venues - it's all music and great shows!

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