Guide in Copenhagen and Zealand, Miguel


Guide in Copenhagen and Zealand, Miguel
  • I am interested in Architecture and urbanization, archeology, anthropology, history, evolution, sailing, cooking
  • 1st hour 1.200 DKK
  • Every commenced hour thereafter 500 DKK
  • Booking minimum hours 2
  • Additional charge per hour before 8 am 300 DKK
  • Additional rate after 6 pm per hour 300 DKK

About me

As an experienced guide who has worked in Copenhagen for almost 30 years, I offer a deep dive into the rich culture and history of the city and the region of Zeeland. My tours are characterized by my passion for storytelling and my strong interest in Denmark's history from the Viking Age to the present day.

I guide my guests through iconic places such as the royal residence of Amalienborg Palace, the Danish parlament in Christiansborg Castle and the picturesque area of Nyhavn. My stories will bring you from Copenhagen's lively streets to Zealand's historic sights, including the Roskilde Cathedral and Viking Museum, Christian the IV's Frederiksborg and Rosenborg Castles, as well as the world-famous Kronborg Castle, better known as "Hamlet's Castle".

I aim to make my tours an exciting journey through time bringing each destination's history to life and connecting its significance to the wider European context.

I adapt each tour to my guests' interests and provide a personal experience by tailoring the tour and enriching them with stories about Danish idiosyncrasies, everyday life and social values. I strive to make every tour an enlightening, entertaining and engaging experience for my guests.

Therefore, my tours are intended to be as in-depth or as light as guests prefer, but always with a focus on providing meaningful and memorable information. My goal is to offer a comprehensive and captivating look at Danish culture and history.

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