Guide in Herning, Bodil


Guide in Herning, Bodil
  • Year of birth 1952
  • Name Bodil
  • Language
  • I am interested in Art, ceramics, design, architecture and town planning.

    City walks focussing on the people and their history as told through the town planning, architecture, urban spaces and art.
  • Educational background MA in French, Art and Design
  • 1st hour 700 DKK
  • Every commenced hour thereafter 500 DKK
  • Booking minimum hours 2

About me

What makes Herning so special is its interest in both business and culture.

I grew up in Herning and that is how I know that practically nothing is impossible!
The city was then, in the 60s, characterized by knitwear and textile factories and by entrepreneurship - which had a great impact on the cultural life in the form of many exciting initiatives, museums and architecture. Where else do you find an Uno-X gas station designed by Exner or a shirt factory decorated by the avant-garde artists of the time? In this spirit I joined the new school for Textile and Clothing (TECO) - but eventually became a teacher in design, art and architecture.

The interests are lasting and I would very much like to share both my professional knowledge and my memories from Herning with you at the beautiful museums for modern art in Birk Centerpark, the sculpture park and geometric gardens as well. The industrial history is best told by visiting the Textile Museum and by strolling down memory lane.

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