Guide in Korsør, Lotte


Guide in Korsør, Lotte
  • Year of birth 1962
  • Name Lotte
  • Language
  • I am interested in Culture, history, handicraft, garden, politics, religion.
  • Educational background Teacher
  • 1st hour 450 DKK
  • Every commenced hour thereafter 450 DKK
  • Booking minimum hours 2
  • Guide's transport costs to be covered from postal code DK-4220
  • Transport coverage, guide to meeting place, per. km 3,56
  • Additional charge per hour before 8 am 200 DKK
  • Additional rate after 6 pm per hour 200 DKK
  • Additional rate Saturdays per hour 100 DKK
  • Additional rate Sundays/holidays per hour 200 DKK

About me

Korsør is often a "forgotten" town, a town you just rush through on your way to Funen/Jutland, but of course this is not the case.

I am born in Korsør right in the centre where my parents had a shop, and I have never moved from the town, but now live in a former cottage area where I grew up, just opposite the plot, where my parents had a cottage right down to the Great Belt.

I have been involved in a number of projects in Korsør and can therefore tell personally about many and much from here. Korsør has a lot to offer, and the old town with Jens Baggesen statue - he is born in Korsør and the topped cobblestones, was my focal point during the 10 years the Great Belt bridge and tunnel building was on, because we owned and restored several properties in the neighborhood and rented out to the bridge builders, so I know a lot for the area here.

My network in the town is big, and I can therefore offer the more personal guided tour if you should have special wishes, and on a tour with me around the town, the locals often contribute with their knowledge and stories.

Because I have a close cooperation with the Local History Archive on the fortress with committed and active volunteers, I can always get them to show up when there are guests in the town who want to hear about this and hint or maybe have a very specific query.

If you want a tour to the wood and the beach, which is definitely worth exploring, I can kindly offer it too. In the forest is a Viking hill and an old cozy eatery, Sommerlyst, which is always a good place to make rest and get good traditional Danish food and drink.

In the old Halsskov ferry harbour, where the car ferries sailed to and from before the bridge got built, there are now plans for a leisure area with water activities, and close by we have Korsør Camping, which hosts many concerts and other events. Also they offer a nice eatery, one always can come to.

So all in all, I can show you around every corner of the town from north to south and give you personal stories about the town from my own work and about the specific historical sites and buildings, as well as I make sure to book a table and food for you at one of our good local eateries, which there are several of both in the middle of town and as mentioned in the wood and at the camping.

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