Guide in the SouthEast- and Middle of Jutland, Jens


Guide in the SouthEast- and Middle of Jutland, Jens
  • Year of birth 1958
  • Name Jens
  • Language
  • I am interested in History, religion, politics, football, wine, beer, art.
  • Educational background Educated as teacher and in the Danish army
  • 1st hour 800 DKK
  • Every commenced hour thereafter 600 DKK
  • Booking minimum hours 2
  • Additional charge per hour before 8 am 100 DKK
  • Additional rate after 6 pm per hour 100 DKK
  • Additional rate Sundays/holidays per hour 100 DKK

About me

I live between the 2 cities Herning to the west and Vejle to the east of Jutland and between Billund to the south and Silkeborg to the north of Jutland and after more than 30 years of living there, I have a big knowledge and insight in the history and nature in this area.

I have travelled a lot in the area and seen the famous sights, but also seen the more unknown and local spots. If we are going to a place, where I haven't been, I will of course find out what the history is and I will also visit the place before we go there.

I am a trained teacher, so I will tell the story in a living, objctive and pleasant way, and you will get a great experience whether we are going by car or doing walking tours.

I look forward to meeting you and for our mutual good experiences.

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