Aarhus - City of Knowledge

Aarhus - City of Knowledge
  • Price for the tour 800 to 1.100 DKK(depending on guide/number)
  • Maximum 25 participants
  • Duration 0 - 1 hours
  • Distance 3 Km.
  • Type City walk
  • Meeting point Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 2, 8000 Aarhus
  • Tour ends Ny Munkegade 1, Aarhus C
  • Language
  • Takes place in this country Denmark

Aarhus - City of Knowledge

Why are danish universities so good, and what makes Aarhus a good place to study?

Aarhus is the danish city with the liveliest population and the highest IQ! This dynamic pearl of a city is located on the east coast of Jutland facing Kattegat and it is home to a university with about 30.000 students. Their joie de vivre and eagerness and youthful energy evidently leaves its mark on the atmosphere and face of the city.

We will see how and why while walking across the most beautiful campus in the country, the Universitetsparken in Aarhus. Until the nineteenthirties, the area was taken up by allotments. At that time the landscape designes worked a small miracle and the beautiful buildings were designed by the world renowned architects from C. F. Møllers tegnestue. The result was spectacular - but by and by the university grew, however, buildings were expanded and new ones were built. Finally a decision had to be reached, to either bulid more or keep the trees and hills, the small lakes and the brook - and consequently to move some of the institutes elsewhere. Some academic activities had to move to a new home.

We will also visit some parts of these new academic areas. The tour starts in front of the Institute for Geoscience, we wil start by traversing the original Universitetsparken and also visit some of the newer parts of the complete Campus.