Odense, Vollsmose Housing District

Odense, Vollsmose Housing District
  • Per group from 875 to 1.050 DKK
  • Maximum 30 participants
  • Duration 0 - 1 hours
  • Distance 1 Km.
  • Type City walk
  • Meeting point Der er ikke angivet et mødested
  • Tour ends
  • Language
  • Takes place in this country Denmark

Odense, Vollsmose Housing District

The Area Vollsmose is controversial, and often appears in the headlines of the Danish press. Unfortunately, this picture is distorted and without nuances.

Through my work, I am very well aquainted with this neighbourhood. Vollsmose has been named after a swamp, and this type of landscape is still recognizable between the tenements, townhouses and areas with detached houses. Vollsmose is a meltingpot of traditional Danish lifestyle and the mulicultural and social variety of an international, modern neighbourhood. All in all, Vollsmose is an inspiring and nice place to live.

If you only know about Vollsmose from the media, this is your chance to exchange second-hand opinion with direct knowledge, based on experience. Take part in this guided tour and see for yourself. There are a great many really nice people here.

I have worked with one of the cooperative housing societies in this area, so I am very well informed about the neighbourhood.