When Odense was an Industrial City

When Odense was an Industrial City
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When Odense was an Industrial City

The former industrial face of Odense

Industrialization turned communities upside-down, and Odense did not escape the transformations og growth. Brandts textile plant, Thriges factories and Odense Steel Shipyard were among the most prominent industrys on Funen and generated thousands of jobs for generations. To day, whole neighborhoods bears evidence of those rescent time, Odense was an industrial city.

Thriges factories are best known for the manufacture of elevators and motors, (which in the Danish context leads to Hans Christian Oersted who has been credited with the discovery of electromagnetism). But Thriges factories produced cars, buses, trucks and trains also, under the name Triangel (Triangle). The factory was among the biggest industries in Denmark, at times employing more than 3500 peoples.

Odense Steel Shipyard has been one of the "lighthouses" in Denmark's recent maritime and trading history. But the yard has also put its mark on the city's appearance and culture. Today n an entire subburb is seen, which was built to house workers and employees from the yard. Formally known as "Møllers Villaby", Møller being the first manager and founder of Maersk, and Villaby being a villa-town. The neighborhood is called Skibhus (Shiphouse). Today it houses preserved buildings.

Brandt's textile factory in the city center, forms the sourroundings for a recreational urban environment with cafes, libraries, galleries and koncert hall ect. Thus, the factory has in various ways been a significant element in the townscape and the city's residents. The textile factory was for many years a major producer of fabrics, ranging from spinning and weaving of fulling and dyeing. In the production apparatus were seen both women and child laborers.

Embark in one shorter guided tour in one of these places or take a slightly longer bicycle ride in the traces of several businesses and residential areas.