Guide - historic witches on Zealand, Niels


Guide - historic witches on Zealand, Niels
  • Year of birth 1977
  • Name Niels
  • Language
  • I am interested in Historie.
  • Educational background Lærer, Journalist, Pædagog
  • 1st hour 1.100 DKK
  • For the 2nd hour and following hours, per hour 300 DKK - 450 DKK
  • - January 300 DKK
  • - February 300 DKK
  • - November 300 DKK
  • - December 300 DKK
  • Booking minimum hours 1

About me

Are you into magic, sorcery, witches, cunning folk, witch hunts and everything that comes with it? Then I am your man.

I am trained as a journalist and history teacher, and I tell the stories about a time, when witches where everywhere and villages and market towns were full of magic and witchcraft.

Sometimes it led to witchhunts, at other times women who knew magic were actually in demand.

When you join me on a guided witch tour, you also get lots of information on everyday life in the Danish old market towns.

You learn about craftsmen, mayors, town bailifs, merchants, maids, counselors, drunkards - and the executioner.

It is fascinationd and creepy at the same time, when I show you the locations in the old cities, where the witches usually performed their magic. And not all of them were executed.

Each tour last just over an hour and are rather short and easy walks. Strollers and wheelchairs are welcome.

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