Guide in Vejle, Niels


Guide in Vejle, Niels
  • Year of birth 1953
  • Name Niels
  • Language
  • I am interested in History in general - specifically town history, art history, history of religion, economic history.
  • Educational background MA history, BA English, BCom
  • 1st hour 800 DKK
  • Every commenced hour thereafter 400 DKK
  • Booking minimum hours 1

About me

Originally, I am not from Vejle. Therefore, my knowledge of the town and its history is based on what I have learned from living here for more than 35 years, and from studying the town's history. 

When I was a young man, I studied history because I thought - and still think- that it is the most interesting topic there is. Basically, history deals with people - why is their country and their cities the way they are? Why do people live in this place, how do they make a living, and how has this helped shape their country and cities? I find this truly fascinating.

I immensely enjoy talking to other people about things that I personally find interesting - the big picture, but also the little intriguing details. Both are important to get an impression of what helped to shape a place, a town, a country.

The major part of my work life was in teaching. The best part of this was talking to students, and telling the good stories. I aim to do the same as a guide.

My wife, Annette, who was born in Vejle supplements me. She has a much better hands on understanding and knowledge of what this town was from the 1950's and onwards. Therefore, we always guide together. At no extra cost. See it as this week's special - get two for the price of one!

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