Guide Copenhagen, Morten


Guide Copenhagen, Morten
  • Year of birth 1972
  • Name Morten
  • Language
  • 1st hour 1.600 DKK
  • Every commenced hour thereafter 600 DKK
  • Booking minimum hours 1
  • Additional charge per hour before 8 am 200 DKK
  • Additional rate after 6 pm per hour 200 DKK
  • Additional rate Saturdays per hour 200 DKK
  • Additional rate Sundays/holidays per hour 200 DKK

About me

Keywords for my walks in Copenhagen is the history of Denmark and the beautiful city - the development and where the exiting things happen.

I love to tell the exiting storys of the big events in our Danish history and show where it all happened: For example the War with Britain during the Napoleonic wars and the terrible bombing af Copenhagen in 1807 or the Swedish attack in the middle of the 17th century where Denmark faced total annihilation or the German occupation during the second world war.

Join me on a city walk and the city of Copenhagen will not be the same.

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