Roskilde Cathedral - Denmark's Cradle

Roskilde Cathedral - Denmark's Cradle
  • Price for the tour 850 to 1.100 DKK(depending on guide/number)
  • Maximum 25 participants
  • Duration 0 - 1 hours
  • Type City walk
  • Meeting point Roskilde Cathedral
  • Tour ends Roskilde Cathedral
  • Language
  • Admission | Extras Yes
  • For Roskilde Cathedral
  • Takes place in this country Denmark
  • Testemonials by customers "The experience followed me long afterwards"

Roskilde Cathedral - Denmark's Cradle

Roskilde Cathedral was originally built of wood by Harald Bluetooth around 980. The current building is from the 13th century. The church is the funeral church of the Danish kings and queens, although the tradition was only seriously cemented with Queen Margaret I, who died in 1412.

Probably right where the towers stand today, Harold Bluetooth's grandson, Canute the Great of England, Denmark and Norway, sat playing the fatal game of chess with Wolf Earl. According to legend, Wolf was killed in front of the alter the next day.

In 1450 Christian I built the Chapel of the Holy Three Kings and in the 1540s Christian IV had his chapel built on the north side. Frederik V's chapel was built in the late 18th century, and the Glückborg Chapel in the 1920s.

The guided tour is a time travel that begins with Harald Bluetooth's life and ends with today's Queen Margaret II, a fascinating marathon through the history of the church, the kings, and to a certain extent Denmark. There is so much breath of history that the experience will follow you for some time after.